The Interior

Spanning more than 650 kilometres from Lake Helen on Lake Nipigon to Porquis Junction, barely an hour from the Québec border, the Interior section of Highway 11 is its most remote.

Largely francophone and dependent on forestry, major towns in the James Bay Frontier include Iroquois Falls, Cochrane, Smooth Rock, Kapuskasing, and Hearst.

But don’t let them distract you from some of the smallest surviving hamlets found on the highway, such as Fauquier, Mattice, and the ever-popular Moonbeam, or more remote communities like Geraldton, Beardmore or Longlac.Map-Interior

If you’re heading east along Highway 11, start your trip in Lake Helen.  If you’re heading west, Porquis Junction is the place to begin.

Otherwise, you can choose from any of the communities profiled below.

Lake Helen – Lake NipigonBeardmoreJellicoeNakina / ArolandGeraldtonLong LakeLonglacEmpty Highway – Constance LakeHearstHallébourg / Val CotéMatticeLowtherReesor SidingReesorOpasatikaHarty / Val RitaKapuskasingKitiganMoonbeamFauquierGregoire Mills / StricklandFraserdaleSmooth Rock FallsDriftwoodCochraneTunis / Nellie LakeIroquois FallsPorquis Junction

Also, the Timmins area, including South Porcupine and Schumacher, is profiled as a detour from the main site.