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You know you’re in northern Ontario when the smell of lumber permeates the air.  And when you get in to Timmins, you definitely smell the lumber.

It’s interesting that despite spending the vast majority of my time in Timmins, it is the last area to get blogged about on

Though residents of Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay or pretty much every other northern Ontario town would likely disagree, to me Timmins is the true heart of northern Ontario., Timmins and Highway 101 map, Shillington, Hoyle, Connaught, Barber's Bay, Schumacher, PorcupineShillingtonHoylePorcupineSouth PorcupineSchumacherTimminsKamiskotiaConnaughtBarber’s Bay

I’m not completely finished blogging about the area – the Porcupine and Schumacher posts still need to be done – but otherwise, most of the content is up.