The Northwest

Highway 11 starts (or ends, depending on how you look at it) in the far northwest of Ontario.

Running 540 kilometres from Rainy River in the west to Nipigon in the east, this section of the highway borders the shore of Lake Superior and runs through Thunder Bay, the north’s biggest city, before heading inland along Rainy River until it ends at the border with Minnesota.

If you are just starting your journey along Highway 11, begin in Rainy River and work your way east.  If you’re headed west, Nipigon would be the place to start.

Otherwise, you can choose from any of the communities profiled below.

Rainy RiverSleemanPinewood / DawsonStrattonBarwickEmoDevlin / La ValleeFort FrancesMine CentreSeine River VillageAtikokanSapawe / KashabowieShebandowan / Shebaqua Corners – Kakabeka FallsRosslyn VillageOld Fort WilliamThunder BayWild Goose Pass LakePearl/DorionHurkettRed RockNipigon