Lowther is dead.  Long live Lowther.

I’ve been told by a Mattice resident that Lowther is on the map since it used to be the home of a NORAD base until the mid-1980s. Dwight confirmed this.
Much like the radar base around Ramore, the Lowther baseclosed in 1987. However, unlike Ramore, when they closed the place absolutely everything was removed within a couple years. The first photo below shows the Lowther base from Highway 11, in 1984. The second is an aerial shot of the base, with Highway 11 running diagonally in the background.

Today, Lowther is just an empty area where the radar base and all buildings existed. While Lowther is on the map, it no longer exists.

Thanks to Dwight for the info, and for pointing me to the photos linked below, care of Marg and Ren l’Ecuyer’s Pinetree Line website (www.pinetreeline.org)
Photo Links: Pinetree Line – View of Lowther Base from Highway 11, 1984, Pinetree Line – Aerial View of Lowther Base from Highway 11, Pinetree Line – Dismantling of Lowther Base, 1989, Pinetree Line – View of Lowther Base from Highway 11, 1998

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  1. Having grown up in Kap, developed a close friendship with another kid at my church who lived in Lowther, and so I spent a lot of time staying over at their place on the base circa 83-85. Not what you would call an interesting story but I always enjoy going back into my history and all of it’s many interesting and significant people and places.

  2. I am looking for a US service by the name of Gerry or Jerry Inch who was stationed at CFS Lowther during the early 60s. Any information or direction you could provide would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Trevor Stone

  3. i was born in kap june 11 1948 .cfs lowther,opened on the 11 of june 1958.built by the usa.my father eugene sr.was employed there from the begenning until his retirement.we lived in the towne of lowther in the school house until 1962.as a child of 10 to 14 yrs of age,my brothers and i did alot of exploring in the area.the exat time or year ido not recal but.one summer in the area of the rock quary on high 11 on the north side of the highway going east we did come across an unmarked grave there was only awooden cross no markings visible to us no name nothing. dont know if this is helpful.when i mved to lowther there was a hughe vacante hotel on the south side.it is all gone now including the school house

  4. Although I can’t offer any additional information on the NORAD base, I have an enormous interest in Lowther and its history. I would also like to share a bit of my families history as it pertains to the area.

    My Great Grand Grand-Father, Joseph Louis Guillaume (Willie) Forget, and his brothers worked in logging in Lowther back in the 1920’s and he was murdered on or arround August 15, 1925 (maybe 1926).

    I couldn’t confirm the circumstances of his death other than he was robbed of his paycheck and his body was left on the train tracks.

    The murderer was never identified and left his wife and 6 young children with little means of support so they relocated to Haileybury, Ontario to be closer to family.

    After relocating to Haileybury the family wanted to have the body exhumed re-entered in the local cemetery but by the time they had the means to do so, they were unable to locate his grave.

    My Grandfather was 6 when his father was killed and I often consider what effect the experience in Lowther would have had in shaping every member of that family’s future especially considering the harsh realities of the day.

    Admittedly, I’m a little sentimental but based on what I know about my Granfather, he had exemplary character and was well regarded by all so I’d like to find out all I can about his father’s death with the lofty goal figuring out where his remains are buried so I can get them moved to be with the rest of his family.

    I’ve spent a number of years researching genealogy so I acknowledge the likelyhood that he was buried with little more that a wooden cross to mark his grave and any real record of his life or death has been destroyed by fire but I apreciate any help I can get with clues on how Willie died or where was buried. Any information on abandoned cemeteries, police and church records or archived newspapers would likely go a long way to help me solve this mistery.

    Thank you

  5. Salut j’ai demeure a Ramore dans l’anne 1960-1965 Notre maison
    cote du chemin de fer Jeme souvient du magasin Boileau et freres notre voison etait Mr.Champagne plusieur de mes oncle avait des ferme et travaillait eau moulin a scieSt’Aubin Mon Floribert Robillard etait concierge a l’ecole. je me souvien de l’ecoliptre de armee.le nom de mes parents Julien et Lucienne Robillard.
    Je me souviens au mois de mai on quellait des pisenlit pour Me Champagne et nourisions c’est poules.Mon oncle Herve Gelinas sije souviens avait uns garage sur la route 111 et sa gauche il
    avais le restaurant Trottier.On est demenager dans un petit vilaage a Arnfield a l’age de 9 ans.Je me souviens de mr et mme Benit il demeurait pres de notre chez nous.

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