Map-TemiskamingStretching just over 300 kilometres from Val Gagné is the Temiskaming section of Highway 11.

Bordered on the west by a forested shield and on the east by Lake Temiskaming and the Quebec border, the Temiskaming part of Highway 11 is northern Ontario’s farm country, as the claybelt fosters production of grains, corn, potato, milk, and cheese.

But the importance of mining is ever present, both historically in Cobalt, and currently a bit east of Highway 11 in Kirkland Lake.

Further to the south, the old growth forests of Temagami beckon with hiking and boating.  Take a trip along Highway 11 and explore some of the communities off the main drag to visit one of the highway’s most diverse areas.

If you’re heading east on the highway, start your trip in Monteith / Val Gagné.  If you’re heading north, start in North Bay.

Otherwise, please select from one of the communities below.

Monteith / Val GagnéMathesonHoltyreRamoreWavellSesekinikaKenogami LakeSwastikaKirkland LakeLarder LakeVirginiatown / KearnsKrugerdorfEnglehartCharlton and DackMatachewanElk LakeKenabeekEarltonThornloeDymondNew Liskeard HaileyburyNorth CobaltCobaltLatchfordHighland TrailTemagamiMarten RiverTilden Lake / Cooks MillsNorth Bay