Lake Nipigon

My map indicated that there were three communities on Highway 11 between Geraldton and Nipigon – Rocky Bay, Macdiarmid, and Orient Bay.  This may or may not be true.

Rocky Bay is home to the Rocky Bay First Nation.  It is actually off Highway 11 and I didn’t venture in as time and gas were becoming an issue.  (Note to readers, fill up in Beardmore.)

The only thing I saw named Macdiarmid was a dirt road.

I couldn’t find Orient Bay either, although truth be told I was getting weary of driving on this particular trip and didn’t really give it a good look.  It might be the name of a lodge or an outfitters station, but I didn’t see it.

Beautiful cliffs of Lake Nipigon

Beautiful cliffs of Lake Nipigon

But what is great about this part of Highway 11 is the drive itself.  The scenery is absolutely fantastic.  Stunning cliffs are the result of geological processes that have left the Pijitawabik Palisades as some of the most awe-inspiring views on Highway 11 .  The highway is bordered by countless lakes which are nestled between beautiful rocky outcroppings that jut from the landscape like bumps on a log.

Weird bumpy rock formations follow Highway 11 in the Lake Nipigon area

Weird bumpy rock formations follow Highway 11 in the Lake Nipigon area

This drive is sincerely one of northern Ontario’s most scenic drives.  So if you’re already out this way, don’t rush through – it is worth stopping and enjoying.

Lake Nipigon marshes off highway 11 ontario

Lake Nipigon Wetlands with cliffs in the background. I love Ontario. (Credit: User P199 at Wiki Commons.)

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  2. On Hwy 11 at Orient Bay is McCollum’s Resort a great place to hq from to explore old rr bridges and hike abandoned lines. Spectacular scenery.

  3. all 3 places exist sort of, rocky bay is a first nations indian reserve, and deeply associated with the town of mcdermit. both places i think have a population of about 300. and are located approx 21 km south of beardmore. whiel orient bay is an actual place, i wouldnt consider it a town, more like a group of mail boxes located at the transcanada compressor station adjasent to the highway, roughly 20.8 km south of mcdermit or 42 km north of nipigon, orient bay use to be a stop over/watering hole during the railway era, sadely the long horn (cn rail line) railway will be getting dismantled and thiers no real trace of anything left.

    althou thier is a place called gorge creek a km to the north with a really cool hiking trail to a waterfall tha is visable from the highway, with breathtaking views.

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