Matachewan is a largely francophone town of about 350 about 60 kilometres west of Kirkland Lake on Highway 66 (we are continuing our detour off Highway 11 for a bit).

On the shores of the Montreal River and near Mistinikon Lake, Matachewan is a Native word meaning ‘meeting of the waters.’

Matachewan had its European start about 8 kilometres north, when the Hudson Bay Company founded Fort Matachewan to trade furs with the local population.  The area around Matachewan had been populated for a long time before Europeans arrived.  Approximately 13 kilometres north of Matachewan are ancient Aboriginal pictographs which indicate trade routes that were used in the area.

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3 thoughts on “Matachewan

  1. I lived in Matachewan my teenage years had great times. My little boyfriend was Tim Verrier. Friends with Pat Belford, Aline Holmes my secret crush was Norman Hanson . GoIng to Matachewan after August 14 .

  2. I worked for the MNR in 1974 just west of Matachewan at the sawmill camp. There was a old pool hall/manual pin set bowling alley (2 lanes) down near the river. (The granddaughter of the owners set the pins for a $1 a night) Is it still there. I can remember the Fashion Shoppe at the T junction.

  3. I grew up in Matachewan back in the
    50’s. My brother and I remember it
    well and the time spent on the Montreal River, as kids, we loved it!

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