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I didn’t notice the difference between Cobalt and North Cobalt while driving through the area the first time, but my recent trip to the Temiskaming region confirmed that it is indeed separate and distinct, even if only by a few minutes’ drive.north cobalt flea marketNorth Cobalt is a former mining camp established right between the towns of Cobalt and Haileybury during the silver rush in the early 1900s.  It was a stop along the Nippissing Electric Railway that ran from Dymond to Cobalt.  Along with Haileybury, North Cobalt was destroyed by the fires of 1922.

The North Cobalt Flea Market isn’t a true flea market in the usual sense of the word – it’s more like a liquidation place like the Bargain Shop or a going-out-of-business BiWay that sells everything it can get its hands on.  On my first trip, however, they had a whole whole wall full of St-Hubert sauces and mixes. Now, it’s only a rackfull. I’ve bought some each time I’ve driven through town.  I love St-Hubert.

St-Hubert Sauce Heaven at the North Cobalt Flea Market on Highway 11

Heaven. Salty, savoury, salty heaven. I HEART ST-HUB

While North Cobalt is a bit newer-looking and better kept than its predecessor, there doesn’t seem to be much to do.  There is Gramma’s Chipper, a summer-time chip stand, and a couple of gas stations that seem to have lower prices than any in the Tri-Towns.  There’s an old cemetery behind the local

Devil's Rock, North Cobalt, Highway 11

Devil’s Rock – a pawn in the tug of war between North Cobalt and Haileybury

Catholic Church.  I read in the Toronto Star once that there is an egg grading station in North Cobalt.  I also found the Maiden Bay Camp, which is on a rural road in North Cobalt.  It seems there are some abandoned towns nearby as well.  You could also venture off the main road to visit some “ghost towns“, although in northern Ontario a “ghost town” is usually just a razed or abandoned settlement – nothing like the fully-intact, faux-fronted, tumbleweed-infested ghost towns of western legend.

North Cobalt does, however, have Devil’s Rock, which provides hiking and a nice view of Lake Temiskaming.  Haileybury tries to claim it, but I have the good word of a Tri-Towns resident that the devil lives in north Cobalt.

North Cobalt became part of Haileybury in 1971 and has been part of the town ever since.  I don’t know if a separatist movement exists but considering its northern Ontario, there probably does.

North Cobalt, part of Temiskaming Shores, ONtario. (Credit: Wiki Commons User P199)

North Cobalt, part of Temiskaming Shores, Ontario. (Credit: Wiki Commons User P199)

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  1. Bought a house in Northern Ontario, Cobalt in 2023. Trying to find out about the property and if was more homes near my house 22 Earle st.

  2. Hi I’m doing family research. My grandparents were married in a Catholic church North Cobalt in 1912. I think the church is closed now, because i can’t find a reference to it. Anyone know the name? Could it be Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur?
    Please email me directly if you wish. Thanks in advance!

  3. Family Ancestry:
    My mother was born upstairs in the Train Station back in 1935-1936 in North Cobalt.Mom’s father, (my grandfather) worked on the railway back then. Charles Hawkins was his name. Not sure how many years they stayed there but

  4. I grew up in north cobalt. Moved to Alberta in 1984 for work. My family home is on the corner of station street and Lakeview Avenue. I still consider north cobalt as home

  5. I grew up in North Cobalt,125 Cross Lake Rd, neighbours with the Tessiers and Lonsdale, moved to Kirkland Lake for 27 years, but Nov 1st 2019 I am moving back to North Cobalt, Station Rd, who would have thought,,, Love that little town,

  6. Hi i live in saskatoon now but from 1951 to 1962 i lived in north cobalt. Our family name was burgler. I went to school with your brothers.

    • My dad worked at silver Miller mines,my friends were glen Perry and Jean denal. We had a farm just off pohacka road. Our naibours were the tinklers and the Cranstons.

    • I too went to school in North Cobalt..I was friends with Pat Sullivan..Dawn Hikela (sp)..Brian Jenkinson..Stanley Willard..Judy Ruddy…Ann Cranston..The Taillons..OMG I could go on and on.
      I had as teachers Mr Hawn and a lady..can’t remember her name..

  7. my grandparents lived there from 1935 I believe until my gramma past away just before 76 was trying to locate the house they lived in or the land should I say their kids were ann,herb and frieda also knowen as fritz my mom hoping to find out about the land they lived on they were german settlers

  8. Hi my name is Brenda Horlock my maiden name is Neddo. I lived in North Cobalt for over 35 years my dad’s family put there roots here way way back & now I’m raising my kids here. There may be not a lot to do here but it’s peaceful and people always stopping to greet you & if your kids do wrong people always knows where to find you. I live across from the old French school beside the graveyard & creek the only worries u may have living here is the bears but some of us not all learned to live with the fact the bears do show up from time to time people just has to learn to teach their kids bear safety. But as most of you already knows are little town was join together with Haileybury & Newliskeard which turned us into the City Of Temiskaming Shores but for most of us North Cobalt will always be North Cobalt 🙂

  9. I think the need for distinction and individuality, and the conflicts between the communities in the tri town area has been fueled by team sports, school competition, and the fight for resources. I think most of us think of Coleman, Bucke, and Dymond Townships as home. We enjoy all of it 🙂

  10. To Sheila
    I have a relative that is a Clarke and her family was from the Cobalt/Hailebury region. I’m working on a family tree for a reunion in 2014

  11. To whom it may concern,My name is Noel Alarie and was raise and lived in Matachewan.In around 1973-1975 a talent show was held and had the privilege to step dance and won third prize.I was just wondering if the tape for this event can be retrieve.I would sure love to see it again.I am 53 now and at the time I would of been around 13-15 It would be great to see myself at that time and show my family.Pleasew let me know if i could find this tape my phone # is 519 836 6755 thank you in advance for your help Noel Alarie

  12. Linda, I believe you are looking for the *Temiskaming Speaker* newspaper of New Liskeard, Ontario. The article “Jury Exonerates Driver In Saturday Accident” about William Brennan’s accidental death appeared in the August 24, 1939 edition (pages 1 and 8).

  13. My grandfather onced mined here and would like any info on Charles Sargeson, and where the records for the cemetery would be kept. Thanks

  14. My maiden Name is Linda Berube and I was born in Timmins. I am looking for info on the Newspaper that existed around August 1939. My Great Uncle William Brennan is in the St Therese Cemetary there. Uncle Willie was killed by a hit and run driver who left him to die in the ditch. We are looking for the newspaper that had the article for our family records. Can anyone help us. Thank you so much.

  15. One of my great grandmother’s brothers (I’m now 54) lived in Cobalt many many years ago, probably in the early 1900’s. Their last name was ‘Clarke’. A lot of the family lived in and are buried in Harrowsmith (and vicinity), Ontario (north of Kingston). I have a photograph of both of them and his wife that was taken in Cobalt. Wish I could upload it here. Perhaps there will be a feature to upload pictures here in the future?

    Cobalt is another northern Ontario historic place to visit. I enjoyed taking a trip there.

    • Hello!
      My great grandfather was Ab (William Clark) who lived in North Cobalt and had 13 siblings (sisters were Margaret, Elizabeth Ann, Charlotte, Mary and Victoria. He had 4 children, my grandfather being the youngest. I grew up in Haileybury for a period of time. I would be happy to connect and am also interested in learning about relatives near the Kingston area.

  16. I am working on \”The Warren Family Tree\” and I do know that one brother of this family from Collingwood, moved to Cobalt, and my Grandfather, Jack Warren, was a engineer on the train from Collingwood to Halibury. Does anyone have information on this family. Hope to hear from you.

    • Hi. My name is Stephanie Maidens. My great grandfather (Fred?) Maidens married an Anne Warren and the Maidens family was around Collingwood. A Norman Maidens worked a mine around Cobalt in the 1920’s. There was a town named Maidens and there is Maidens Bay on Lake Temiskaming.
      I’ve been trying to do the Maidens Family Tree.
      I hope this helps you.

  17. We lived in North Cobalt…Station St. actually from 1984-1987. We lived opposite the Catholic school which is adjacent to the cemetery.
    Is the Post Office still there? Many happy memories of picking up our mail from there and chatting with the neighbours!

  18. There are 3 baseball fields and the snowmobile trail runs through north cobalt.
    Devil’s Rock is definitely in North Cobalt!

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