Sapawe / Kashabowie

The watershed mark at Sapawe.

The watershed mark at Sapawe.

Don’t get me wrong.  Sapawe and Kashabowie are two separate places.

On the old site I used to have separate pages for Sapawe and Kashabowie as they are definitely two individual dots on the provincial highway map.

But when I had to re-do the site (thanks, Paypal, for not notifying me that they had arbitrarily cancelled my payement to the webhost, who subsequently deleted my website for non-payment of fees!) keeping Sapawe and Kashabowie separate just seemed so inefficient.

A reader tells me there isn’t a lot in Kashabowie, but that it’s a good fishing supply area with access to many lakes, a gas station, and an LCBO.

This is near Kashabowie.  Or at least somewhere within 30 kms.

This is near Kashabowie. Or at least somewhere within 30 kms.


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  2. this photo is a bit outta place, its closer to kashabowie then sapawe, roughly 20 km to kash, and about 40 to to sapawe, Btw, thiers a 2nd sign alot smaller then this south of geralton approx 27 km, barely noticeable up on a hill

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