Eighty kilometres west of Geraldton is Beardmore, the “Gateway to Lake Nipigon.”

Welcome to Beardmore, Ontario

Not a pride parade float, it’s the welcome to Beardmore sign!

Beardmore started out as a flag station on the CNR before finding itself in the middle of the Lake Nipigon gold ‘rush’ in the 1930s.  The town faced ‘rapid expansion’ after gold was found on the Sturgeon River, as evidenced by the Timmins-style hotels that unfortunately no longer serve as watering holes for the community.

Today, it’s a town of about 200 people focusing on forestry and serving as a take-off point for camping and boating near Lake Nipigon.  So it’s pretty small, and pretty quiet.  But what Beardmore lacks in amenities it makes up in uniqueness. I liked Beardmore.

Beardmore church

A church in Beardmore – completely unrelated to the text that appears above or below this photo

Beardmore is known for Vikings.

The Beardmore Relics, which were purported to be a cache of Viking artifacts, were found near the town in the early 1930s.

The relics – including an old sword, and axe, and a piece of a shield – were supposedly found while a prospector was panning for gold, and for a time were claimed as evidence that Vikings explored much further than Vinland, Markland, and Helluland while they were in North America, and that they explored parts of northern Ontario and maybe even Minnesota.

The Royal Ontario Museum purchased the relics and displayed them for about twenty years until they were forced to hold a public enquiry as to whether the relics were actually found in Beardmore, or imported by Scandinavian settlers desperate for a historic taste of home and passed off as a discovery in an elobarate hoax.

Beardmore, Ontario on Highway 11 Ontario

Highway 11 as it runs through Beardmore, Ontario.  Note the lounge-hotel at right, once a fixture of every town in northern Ontario.  (Photo: User P199 at Wiki Commons.)

In the “some big weird thing” sweepstakes Beardmore doesn’t disappoint.  Beardmore is also home to what it claims is the world’s largest snowman.  Does the title still count even though he’s not made of snow?  During the summer, the apparently nameless snowman sports sunglasses and fishing rod to signify that anything you can do, a snowman can do way cooler.

Beardmore, Highway 11's snowman capital, with the world's largest " snowman "

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor heat, nor hail will keep Beardmore’s snowman from standing watch over the community

The town sign isn’t just a normal wooden sign.  They’ve spelled out Beardmore on railroad ties in rainbow-coloured letters that you can’t miss. The town also has these nice new ‘Welcome to Beardmore’ pennants hanging from the lampposts.

This is what I love about Highway 11 communities.  They have pride. They have spunk. They have a sense of community. And this sense of community means that they’re not afraid to try.

Sometimes when you’re from a larger place you forget that, no matter where you’re from or where you live, everyone has some sense of pride in their hometown.  Beardmore is a place that reminds you of this.

Beardmore, Ontario war memorial - Highway 11Today Beardmore is a forestry and outfitting town, with a baseball field, a church, some gas stations and about 40 or 50 houses.  There is a Legion in town too.  Beardmore is the only real stop between Geraldton and Lake Nipigon, a 170 kilometre journey.

Beardmore is also where renowned artist Norval Morrisseau first showed his work to a Toronto exhibitor.

89 thoughts on “Beardmore

  1. I was born in Beardmore in 1959. Moved away a few years later, but returned every summer to enjoy the natural wonders around the area. Would like to hear from of the friends from the 70’s. Kathy Whitley are you out there?

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  4. I was born in 1960. My dad worked at the mine. We lived in Sand River. House is consumed by mother nature now. My godfather is Chuck Kelnar. We migrated to Geraladton. Dad worked there. Eventually we moved to Fort William. I will always remember that snowman. My parents are Fred and Ursula Becvar. Summers were fun there. Lots of fishing. I must be getting old cause times sure were alot simpler then. Going to have to take a trip back there and find some memories. Cheers..

  5. After I was born, my father died in a bush plane accident in 1964, I was sent to live with my Grandfather and Grandmother Ivan (John) WOLOSHEN and my Grandmother Pearl. I was a small child I lived in Beardmore from 1964 to 1967. I remember my Grandfather taking me to the snowman and getting ice cream from the window in the summer.

  6. My mother Gladys Burke lived in Beardmore in 1950 to 52, she would have been around 20 she worked at the Delmar were she met my father who I have never known and am trying to locate. I believe his name may have been Jimmy Deitz who also worked at the Delmar and was a taxi driver as well. Any information would be a help.

    Thanks to all for any info

  7. Hi Everyone – Going on a road trip this April 2016 from Calgary stopping off in Beardmore – I went to school a very long time ago -I lived with my grandmother M. Baldwin who was the Principal of the school and yes I remember Mrs.Dickson who was a teacher at the school. Beardmore was a great place to spend a few school years with great summers. I am looking forward to seeing this town again.

    • Hi folks, I hope you dont mine but I am repling to my earlier blog.
      I arrived in Beardmore mid May on a very comfortable sunny morning thus here are some statements, thougths from my visit – some 60 years later.
      The ride along hwy 11 to Beardmore in my 2914 Mustang convertable was great, loved the ride on that special highway.
      I parked across from the Roxy – wow- it looked weather beaten but lets all remember- its the Roxy and it is still standing.
      I checked out where I lived with my grandmother -the small white house that once stood was located at the bottom of Douglas steeet right across from the river.
      From the house I walked along the road beside the river to the new rebuilt school. I spoke to a very nice lady at the front desk and was showen the wall where the pictures of all the principals hung and my grandmother was the 1st principal picture on the wall of principals – it was a great feeling.
      Had lunch at Anns Diner – what a cool place and had a great lunch, this tiny place soon filled up with great locals, loved the fireplace and the huge mirror hanging above the fireplace.
      I think I remembered a drug store beside the Roxy- it wasnt there but then again it was a long time ago that I was there.
      To conclude – I can now take this off my Bucket List, why did I have to go back to a place called Beardmore – those that continue to live there and those that have lived there know why Beardmore is a special place and good for us.
      It was a very great day.

      • I also lived in Beardmore from about 1942-3 . My dad joined the army so we moved to Portage La Prairie. When the war ended we moved back to Beardmore. The family bought up 2 or 3 houses across the tracks behind a huge field that was directly across from the train station. I too had Mrs. Dickenson as a sub. Her daughter, Donna was my best friend. It seems we were always in trouble or at least I was and even looking back I don’t understand why. My other teacher was Miss Smith. Miss Serand was another one of my teachers. I loved her. I have many stories I could tell about my young years in Beardmore.
        I remember the Leiche? mine nearby. I remember Thorensteinsons and McGill’s store, Saturday afternoon movies and my disappointment when I discovered I would never be a famous runner. I remember being told I should never take up art because I was too messy. Thank goodness I had gumption and defied the odds to continue doing the things I loved and not necessarily the subjects I was told not to pursue. Oh yes! Beard more is a wonderful memory for
        I would be so happy to hear from anyone who lived in Beardmore during and after the war years.
        Thanks for the memories!

        • Hi I Beatrice
          I do remember your name. My name is Alden Hill
          We had the same teachers. MIss Smith always
          He us sing the song about the moose… It always
          Focinated me . Miss Serrand was my lime favourite

        • Beatrice: would appreciate a small amount of info on your dad’s military service – army? regiment? I’m trying to put together a list of veterans from the Lake Nipigon / Lake Superior area.
          I lived in Beardmore for several years in the early 1970’s. I believe my newborn daughter was about the 882nd citizen of the town. Those were great days.

          • Hi. I also lived in Beardmore in the year 1972. My dad was the principal of the catholic school that year and we lived in the house on the school grounds. Great memories. Lorraine

        • Hi Beatrice
          My mother worked there at the Delmar in 1952-53 her name was Gladys did you know her or someone named Jimmy Dietz (my poor spelling) who also worked at the Delmar and was also a taxi driver. My mother was from Portage la Praire.



  8. Hi there,
    who could ever forget Beardmore if you went to the fish derby, to the poplar lodge or
    on canoeing on black water river, the rapids, the good old milkshakes and banana-splits, the bean – shooting, the hockey games near the public school as a school boy?
    well, and who would forget singing “God save the Queen” on Queens birthday, Mrs. Rutherford and my teacher Mrs. Dickison who was a charming English Lady to me
    and very helpful in teaching the local language to me.
    I have been back in the summer of 1990 with my whole family and my kids have not forgotten it, the friendliness of many people we met and the wilderness.
    We lived on Main street near the Hgwy 11 in a red and white home and I do remember Dave, Harvey, Melvin Rentz, the Sommers, the Doerflingers, The Mc.Kinnons, Ricky from the Del Mar Cafe and many others.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not but least: Eddie Rentz who was the barber my mom sent me to!
    I know I will be back and go fishing, yup, Joe

    • Hi Joe. I grew up in the town way back in the 60’s. How you described it is just as i remember. Thank you for the flash back. The one teacher i remember oh so well was Mrs Cook.

    • Hi there. What a great post. You mention Ms. Rutherford and I wonder if we might have gone to school together. I lived in Beardmore from 1964 to 1972. My father Ralph Foster worked for Domtar and then at the post office and we lived next to the church and across from the school. I remember Jenny Fredericks, Michelle Kinkaid, the Mareks.

      Of course I remember the Fish Derby and many amazing visits to the lake with the sandy beaches. I recall snow shoeing across the lake as well!

      A small town with a sense of spirit is a great way to describe it!


  9. For the last couple of years the snowman, never gets his fishing rod for the summer. He has had that curling broom summer, and winter. Please give the snowman back his fishing rod, during the summer months. Thank YOU

  10. I was born in Beardmore I lived there until August 1967 then moved to California.
    My parents names are Manuel and Maria Augusto, my two sisters names are Maria and Rosalina “Rose” I visited Beardmore around 1997 and had a really nice time even went back to my school and got a copy of my 1st grade transcript

    • Hi Joseph

      Do you remember me? My dad was the doctor in Beardmore
      many years ago.My sister Sandra passed away Feb 4 2004
      so I am on my own now living in a seniors independent c
      co op in Ottawa.In am retired so I can do as I like.i went to
      Beardmore last summer for a few days.The old town has
      seen its last glory days but is still quite active.I hardly know
      any one living there now.The hotel has been torn down so
      the main street is pretty desolate looking.

      Take care
      Wuanita Wallingford

      • Dear Wuanita Wallingford,

        your dad was our doctor when we resided in Beardmore from 1954 until 1958. My dad was a foreman at camp 54. Mr. Tansley was his boss. My mom worked as an cook at the camp too. For family reasons we went back to Germany.
        I have been visiting Beardmore every now and then, when I was in Canada.and might be back in the near future. I do have friends living in Ottawa ,Montreal and Toronto.
        Warmest regards,
        Joe Schmid .

        • Hi Juanita, Your father was the first person I saw when I came into this world! I remember your name, but dont remember you. I went to school with your sister Sandra. Your dad patched me up on a couple of different occasions!

          Hope all is well,

          Best wishes,


  11. I lived in Beardmore in the sixties and moved to California in 1970. I would have started the eighth grade had I stayed there but we had to move because of my dad’s health. I knew the Goodmans Laureen and Darcy Kuzak Gary Kranz Nicola Person Marcel and Maurice Fortin. I lived on the end of a street next to the black river. Our neighbor was mrs May. I was a block away from the Beardmore Public School. Mr Rutherford was the principal and I believe that he married a ms Kirkpatrick. If any body has any information or knows any of these people or knows where they are let me know I hope to visit there soon.

    • Hello Mr. Rutherford is my dad and he married Martine Turcotte lol not Miss Kirkpatrick. My parents still live here in Beardmore.
      Claudette Trottier

      • Claudette!!
        I lived in Beardmore from 1964 to 1972. Your dad was the principal at the time and I think my mom and dad, Ralph and Zena Foster, knew your parents quite well. I recall Mrs. Fitzpatrick was my teacher … perhaps grade 1.

        We lived in what they called the ‘manse’ next to the church right across the street from you and the school and next to the river.

        I would love to hear from you! – Heather (Foster) Spidell

        • Hi you Beardmore folks who showed us So much love in 1978,I was 14 years old,and My father and 2 brothers ,and 3 uncle’s had come to camp your wilderness for 14 days in a pop up camper,we came from Indiana in the USA.My family had done this many years prior to my time ,but I Love it there and 34 years later I’m starting to feel a call.Maybe a Moose hunt or some of that awesome fishing and visiting that town of Beardmore where we got our supplies,Then went sowthwest around 45 miles.Their was a waterfalls on the way to you on 11 where we took our showers.Please forgive guides please contact me.Ralph Beatty Face book.Ps That swim in lake Nipigon by you all was Cold.But Beautiful.See you friends.

  12. I grew up in Geraldton but spent many a summer at Poplar Point campground on Lake Nipigon with my grandparents Harriet and Hamilton Montgomery. Grandpa was a prospector most of his life and his family lived at the Leitch Mines townsite in the 60’s. I still remember the phone number on the party line. Ring two-one. Their neighbours were the Scobie family and good friends in Beardmore were the Swearengen’s. I remember camping and fishing with all my uncles, Kent,Lee and Larry Montgomery. Very fond and happy memories.

    • Hello Barry
      I also lived in Geraldton from 1939 until 1957. My sister Helen went to school with Kent, my brother Maurice chummed around with Lee and I knew him well at the Errington and Ashmore public between Little Long Lac mine and Townsite school at the though I was a bit younger. My parents were very close friends with your grandparents Hammy and Harriet Montgomery as my dad was a weekend prospector and worked at MacLeod CockShutt as a shift boss. Our family often went fishing with the Montgomery family. We visited your grandparents at there home either in Beardmore or at the Leitch Townsite in 1950 when I was 12 years old and Hammy took my dad, mother, brother and me underground and into one of the richest stopes where we saw “free gold” in the veins in the wall and back. It was quite and experience as it was my first time underground and I continued in mining and eventually to manufacturing and selling mining equipment.
      Bill Quesnel

      • Hi I am looking for anyone who knew my mother Gladys who worked at the Delmar in 1952 any info would help.

        Thank you

  13. Went to school at Leitch Gold Mine one room school, 1946-1950, Beardmore Public school 1950-1952. Lived at Leitch Gold Mine Old Townsite. Moved to North Cobalt, On fall 1952, lived on Hwy 11 just south of Haileybury town limits. Our house, a prefab cottage is still there.

    • Remember ken & Reggie reich at that 1room school house and Donnie sincler in 1948 to 1951 Barb Watt & Diane Matte and Nolan Cox. A lot of good memories. Left in 1951 after my dad lost his life in fishing accident that summer. Still living in Thunder Bay

  14. My family lived in Beardmore from 1949, until I moved to Thunder Bay in 1977. I have been back to the Beardmore/Jellicoe area every summer since then. I spent all my early childhood camping during the summers at Lake Nipigon. What a gorgeous lake. Growing up in Beardmore was great…..we always had something to do and friends to hang out with. I went back curling in 2013 and there was 6 of us together that started Beardmore Public School in Grade 1 in 1954…..Mrs. Dickison was the teacher. Very fond memories of that old town.

  15. I was born in jellicoe and raised in beardmore. Going back a lot of years..1940’s.
    My mom and dad had a restaurant and have many good memories of growing up there. We left in 1949.
    If anyone remembers the Fund’s please contact me.

      • Hi Trudy. I remember you and your Mom & Dad’s
        restaurant. Your Mom made the best banana
        splits and I think they only a dollar. Ok my name is
        Alden Hill. Went to a reunion in Thunder Bay in
        June. Saw many people that you would know…
        Eila Valkanen, Denise Romamo,Arlene and Shirley
        Robinson and list goes on ( used maiden names)
        Seems go me somebody said you live in Niagara
        Falls??? I live in Brantford. I went down to Beardmore on the Sunday after the reunion.
        Not many buildings left. The Roxy theature was turned into a motel ( Stella Pleason) also Chalet’s
        grocery store is still there and operated as such.
        Sure would be great to here from you.

        • I lived in Beardmore from 1941 to 1948 minus 1 year to be in Man. during the war. My teachers were Miss Smith, sometimes Mrs. Dickenson & dear Miss Serand (don’t know if I spelt that right but she would forgive me.
          The kids I remember were Donna Dickenson, Doloris, Eddy, David, Joseph & Joy Thorenstiensen, Bernarads (lots of kids), Gary Keatly, Alice Cooney Trudy Fuze and more who I have seen on Facebook, . I am now 80 years old living in Calgary, Alberta.
          I did manage to stop in Beardmore
          on my way home from Ireland via NS.on my way back to Mesa, Arizona. I am now in Calgary, AB sonf can be reached at Beatrice Planden Facebook or It would be great to hear from you. Beatty, Beatrice Planden (Caldwell)

  16. I spent my summers in Beardmore in the 1970’s. My grandparents were Ed & Emma Rentz & grandpa owned the Barber Shop on main street. Lots of great memories from the drive & my stay there.

    • I lived across the street (highway) from Ed and Emma. My dad was the postmaster in Beardmore for abou 15 years. Ed gave me my first haircut. He was the only barber that I went to for at least 20 years. He also gave my son his first haircut and Ed gave him one of his carvings as a gift……….Doug

  17. I have had the life long privledge of growing up as a summer resident my father came to Beardmore in 1949, and made many lifelong friends as did both my sisters Kathy and Jody. Nothing like seeing the town and the lake for the first time of the year, and the bummer to leave in late aug. here we come buds, rock on!!!!!!!!

  18. I grew up in Beardmore in the ’50’s. My family moved to Geraldton in 1963. My brother and I attended Beardmore Public School and we spent mega time at the curling club and skating rink and Lake Nipigon and the baseball fields in the summer. My parents were Nick and Trilby Kozak and my brother was Calvin Kozak. They have all passed away and my memories turn to Beardmore often.

    • Hi Trilby,
      We were neighbours in Beardmore during the fifties. I remember you and your family very well. Dozaks, Kilpatricks and Mirrons lived across the road from us . And Nancy Robinson and Brian Clerihew up the street.
      Yes, we always had something to do in that small town. Did you ever curl at the natural ice curling rink a mile out of town? How about sliding down North’s Hill? Play “alleys” making a trench in the slush on the street in the spring, and play “5,10,15,20,25 up”?
      I had two brothers (they both passed away this winter – February, March 2021) whom I visited every year for the past 7 years. On each visit, we’d take a drive from Fort William to Beardmore and “visit”. Great memories!
      How about Mr. Salem’s – take your 5 cents and buy candy, which often took forever for us to make up our mind. Some candies , tho’ , were 3 for a penny. Bonus.
      I’m sorry you lost your brother, Calvin, so young.
      I plan to go to TB this summer to visit with my brothers’ families this summer. Let’s hope the pandemic lockdown will be history by then. Fingers crossed!

      • HI Pauline! With all the turmoil in the Ukraine, my thoughts turned to you and your sister Lorraine and your Mom, who always talked about the “Old Country” – so I looked up Beardmore and found all these people! Even a photo of the Roxy! So how are you? I went back to Beardmore twice – have a photo of the snowman and of me in front of our old house. So many of the houses and stores were gone.
        Through various peregrinations I have ended up in Nova Scotia. Hello to Trilby as well. I remember when Calvin passed away – so sad – and your Mom. Nice to have some people on this blog from our neighbourhood!
        Anita Tervo was a friend too – she passed away. My mother, Edna Robinson, married Earl Fulford and ran the lumber yard – in partnership with the Clarkes who took over Romano’s where you could buy just about everything. I could write volumes about all the people I knew there even though I left when I was only 13.

  19. I lived in Beardmore in the early 60’s. My parents are Ed and Lil Dupont. My dad owned “Ed’s Esso” for a while, then our house burned down beside the station. My sisters are Cathy and Gail Dupont, my brother is Lorne. I have some fabulous 8mm home movies from back then, and from Geraldton.

    • I remember the esso gas station. He had a lot of old cars on the side of the station i guess for spare parts. In the winter sometimes we would play in the cars half buried in the snow. I’m looking for some of the people that I went to school with . I’m hoping to get up there either this year or next so I’m trying to make contact with some of them.

      • hey Luis , yup , we hung out quite a bit 47 years ago , seems like yesterday , are you on facebook, if so send me a friend request

  20. Just found this site … love it. I too also grew up in Beardmore, left for the military in 1980. I have been back afew times. this July 2013 family reunion for the Leroux/Ladouceurs/McCrady’s … see you all down at the Lake this summer. Jazz.

  21. Hi Adriano it,s John Maurina Juiliano\’s younger brother and Renzo is the middle brother, you and Julie were good friends. I went to school with the Turcottes, Carol Hornblower, Labbe\’s and of course Dave, John, and Billy Ladoucer\’s. The Franzoi\’s, Rinaldi\’s and us all moved to Windsor in 1966. Anyways I will let Julie know I posted this, so long for now..John Maurina…

  22. Hey I grew up in Beardmore .went To st, teresa school from 1960 -1968 love to hear from others who were there berubes.cormiers. ladacours bois. gladu finleys harndens kaspricks dutil and so on

    • I went to breadmore public school. May have played with the same kids. Give me a email and perhaps we did. Moved to kitchener On. In 1966.

    • Adriano Squissato!! It’s Maria Franzoi! How are you? I happened to google Beardmore Ontario and was thrilled to see this site. I think John Maurina is a bit confused. You couldn’t be Julianno’s friend if you’re my age!! Lol. He must have you confused with Germano.
      Wow so many good memories of Beardmore. My son and I are thinking of going up there real soon. I brought the girls up there years ago but he’s never been. I’m afraid that he’ll never want to leave though because he’s really into fishing these days. How’s the family? How many times are you a Nonno? Three times for me. So far.
      Would love to hear from you.
      Please say hello to everyone for me! 🙂
      For anyone else reading
      this who may remember me …My father was Erminio Franzoi. He passed away in 2007. He worked at Leiche Gold Mine from 1953 until they closed it in 1965. My mother is Mercede. She’s still with us but unfortunately has severe Alzheimer’s now. I have so many fond memories of the fishing derbies and summers at the snowman. Watching my parents curl at the legion. Picnics at Lake Nipogon. Labbie’s Hill. And Of course every Saturday afternoon at the Roxy theatre with my siblings. We couldn’t wait to go to “the show” and many years later we came to find that our parents couldn’t wait for us to leave either so they could have their alone time! Lol
      God Bless Beardmore and everyone still living there!
      See you soon. xo

  23. I grew up in Beardmore. I used to live right across the road from the Snowman. It would scare me as a kid – with that big grin over the street lamp!!!! Ahhh, memories. Loved the fish derby – always brought lots of people in to little ‘ole Beardmore. The legion became a “hoppin'” place during the Derby. And the fish!!!!!!!!!!! Gynormous!!!!!

    • I have just spent the last hour reading all these posts,and had forgotten that l posted a little blurb 2013. I live in Oshawa, am retired from teaching, and visit every summer to see my brother’s, Peter Spyrka and Ernie. Ernie, unfortunately passed away in Thunder Bay on February 3rd of this year. I’ve taken road trips each summer to Beardmore during my visits. So many memories. Was born there, went to Public school ( Mrs . Dickenson, Mrs. Baldwin, Ms Smith, Ms Cousins – to name a few ) . The Delmar, and the Maple Leaf Cafe were our hangouts. Sundays,always took us to Lake Nipigon to spend the day. It was glorious! Skating on the outdoor rink by the curling rink, and then the public school, curling with mom’s corn broom. One of my fondest memories from my childhood was going to Mr.Salem’s store, to spend a nickel on penny candies. Black balls, 3 for a penny. Lol anyone else from that era out there??? Love to hear from you.

      • Hello Pauline,
        I read your post and wondered if you recall the first name of Mrs. Baldwin? I believe it starts with an M. Tks!

  24. I used too live in beardmore as a kid. My parents are Ray and Jeannette Faubert. I have aunts and uncles still their. The brunet\\\’s and Lafontaine\\\’s.

  25. In the early nineteen eighties I worked for the Ontario MNR. Often drove to Beardmore. Loved the drive from there to Nipgon. But I will never forget the wisom on the bathroom wall: “For excitemÎnt in Beardmore, people sit on the curb and wath the pavment crack” I dream about living in such a time and place once again.

  26. Hi Liesje, I found this site by accident and came across your post of over a year ago. I too went to St Theresa’s school. We moved out in May of 1965. I am from the Lacitalio family you refer to (slightly misspelled, but close enough). I remember you well, and I’d love to hear from you.

    • Hi Mario,

      Did you happen to know my mother, Miss Dianne Salem? She taught at St. Theresa’s school in the 60s.

      From Linda

      • Hi Linda,

        Do I remember Miss Salem?
        Does Crayola make crayons? Of course I do!
        She taught me in grades one and two in 1960-62. The kids looked forward to being selected by her to choose books from the truck that came to our school periodically to stock the mini library at the back of the classroom. She was very young and energetic. 1960 was my first year of school and I believe it was her first year teaching. I also vaguely remember a small shop in town called Salem’s. Very, very fond memories. I hope she’d doing well.

        • Hi Mario,

          My mom would have the biggest smile reading your blog and so a heart felt thanks for sharing your memories! Sadly she passed in 2002. You are correct about Salem’s Store. My grandfather sold things like hambugers, cigarettes and candy. I have a few informal pictures of my mom’s classes, one of which is dated 1962. The kids are dressed up for Halloween and looking so happy!

          • Thank you for your reply, Linda. I’m sure there are many others who have fond memories of her.

      • Hi Linda though I do not know you, after reading the postings it brought back many a fond memory of you grandfather your uncle billy and your mom. Though your mom didnt teach me i remember her as very kind and pleasant person. Your uncle billy sure loved baseball. Sent many allowances at your granfathers store

    • Mario: you lived next-door to us in the old townsite? Nick and Carmela, kids Mario and two more Ithink? When the mine closed your family moved to Quebec, I think. Your dad and my dad shared garage in our yard. Have I got the right Lacitiello? (Sp?)
      Werner Eichstadter

      • Hi Werner,

        Wow! You definitely have the right Laccitiello. Good to hear from you. I certainly remember the shared garage. I remember your Dad as being a kidder and your mom as a caring, generous person. My parents exchanged Christmas greetings with them until the end. I have a framed picture of Mickey with myself when I was three or four. I remember the model train set. Yes, we moved to Montreal in 1965 and still reside there. I believe you are in the Fraser Lake, BC area. If you ever plan to come to Montreal be sure to give me a shout.


        • Hi Werner, I lived down the road from you in Leech, my brother, Jim, and I stayed at your place a couple of times, and have the fondest memories. Have loved Eiderdown quilts ever since!!! I hope you are well!


  27. i went to beardmore school in the 1960 s my name is Simone, I have so good souvenirs, if anyone remember me, you are more than welcome to send me a e-mail.

  28. I used to live in Beardmore in 1978 with my parents. Their names were Richard and Ina Payea.There was us 4 daughters too. Nancy, Judy, Charlene and Cheryl. We live on a back street near the Snowman on the right down from Fontiens. The house the Jim Nails owned.Anyway was wondering if the property on bush lake was still there in my fathers name or it might be fenced off, Tange Bailey owned it and gave the lot to my father ,was wondering and maybe if it is I wa sgoing to move there. anyone with info. please e-mail back please.

  29. I just found this site. I am originally from Beardmore too and wanted to respond to Liesje posts. My uncles are Billy, Johnny and David Ladouceur. I am not too sure who you are, so email me with more details.

  30. Went to St. Theresa’s school in the 1960’s I remember Joyce Porter became adopted I think to the Whomsley family
    Remember Banmens, Dicks, Sinclairs, Lacitalio, McKarskys, McKays, Mrs Brown, Mr White and Mr VanWeirengen Remy the bus driver Billy, Johnny and David Ladoucer’s. Looking to hear from anyone. My dad worked at Leitch Gold Mines as a welder.

  31. I’m looking for a canadian fishing guide who happens to guide on lake nipigon. I only have the name of his boat, which is ,I believe to be called the JESSIE JAMES. He is a commercial fisherman as well as a sport fishing guide. I need to contact him about possibly booking a brook trout trip, for next year. Any information, on how to contact this person will be greatly appreciated. Or if this guide has a web sight or an E-mail address.

  32. I went to school in Beardmore in the 1960’s. It was a quiet small town at the time. Many happy memories.

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