Fauquier, on Highway 11 in OntarioFauquier is a quiet, clean, and quaint hamlet of about 600 on the Groundhog River, which is crossed by both a rail and road bridge.

Much bigger than its cousins Strickland or Harty, Fauquier (roughly pronounced Folk-yay) once supported a mill.  Today the community has a few businesses, but I’m told that most residents commute to Kapuskasing.
Fauquier bridges

There’s a statue of a particuarly conniving-looking groundhog just off the highway, as well as a nice gazebo, soldier’s memorial, and a little parkette.  There’s another park just south of the highway, which borders the river and has a little boat launch.

Fauquier's creepy giant smoking groundhog on Highway 11

In northern Ontario, even the groundhogs are smokers

Just east of town, there’s a house with a rather eccentric yard, sporting the Olympic rings (?), some wooden sculptures (??), and a family of inukshuks (???). I didn’t get to take a photo, as the truck behind me was following too closely to safely stop and admire the uniqueness.

Like all the francophone communities on northeastern Highway 11, it is extremely well kept with a church, a dépanneur (convenience store), an LCBO outlet, and a small food store.  There is no gas station, however.

The Den, right on Highway 11, is a good place to stop for breakfast.  I’ve been there a number of times and it’s pretty decent.

Thanks to Patrick for most of the photos.

Fauquier, Ontario on Highway 11

Fauquier sunrise over the tracks

3 thoughts on “Fauquier

  1. Spent many a summer up there. My dad’s favorite place in the world that’s where his ashes are in the lovely Ground Hog River. Heaven on earth Fauguier is

  2. Il y avait une Ècole primaire de la maternelle ‡ la 8e annÈe qui est maintenant dÈtruite. Il y a aussi une Caisse populaire et une clinique mÈdicale pour les gens de ce village. Plusieurs villageois se sentent chanceux de pouvoir rester dans un village comme Fauquier o˘ la tranquilitÈ est de bonne augure. Pour les numÈros de tÈlÈphone locaux c’est le 339 que l’on utilise. Je suis fiËre de dire que je viens de ce village bien tricotÈ!

  3. I found a scrap of paper tucked into the lid of my Mother’s(now deceased)china tea pot. It reads:
    “Lavoie 331-9750”
    This phone number is no longer listed, but suspect it is local to Fauquier. I would appreciate any information you may have! Thanks.

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