Trout Creek

Trout Creek, ontario, powassan, community centre, highway 11,

Community Centre and ball diamonds, Trout Creek, Ontario on Highway 11

Trout Creek is a small hydro town of less than a 1000.  My time in Trout Creek has always been brief – usually passing through on an early morning drive up or down Highway 11.  And each time I’ve been through, no matter what hour or what weather, there are always a few people milling about outside the general store.  Small town life always surprises you.

Settlers came up in 1880s when railroad was being built.  With the creation of a rail station and a few other amenities, settlers came in to log nearby Algonquin Provincial Park, and with the discovery of a waterfall, tap the rivers for a sawmill and for electricity.  A hotel was eventually built but unfortunately, everything was destroyed in 1892 by fire.

Today Trout Creek still has logging and still has a sawmill.  There is a little library in town, as well as a few shops and stores.  The Trout Creek Hotel and TJ’s Restaurant and Motel have room and board both, while the Princess Motel and Tracy’s Fresh Abundance Restaurant have room and board, respectively.  Trout Creek hosts a winter carnival every February and a fishing derby in July.

Trout Creek is the home of former Boston marathon winner James Corkery.

Trout Creek, Ontario, HIghway 11, lumber, mill, yonge street, powassan

Trout Creek, Ontario lumber yard or lumber mill? I’m not sure. But at six am on a Monday, I wasn’t going to get out and ask.

Trout Creek, Ontario, Highway 11, Church, fishing derby, yonge street

Evidence of creeping northernOntarioness in the upper-south: a fishing derby, and an our lady of sacred something, in Trout Creek, just south of North Bay.

Trout Creek, Ontario, on Highway 11

I wanted to get a shot of the general store on Main Street, but as is my luck a bunch of guys were sitting outside having a smoke at six in the morning.  So, instead, I give you Trout Creek, Ontario, on Highway 11 (Photo: User P199 at Wiki Commons.)

6 thoughts on “Trout Creek

  1. I have only visited Trout Creek once a few summers ago (I found it to be a nice little town which reminded me a lot like the Ottawa Valley towns I have family in) but to me it stands out because of longtime resident, former NHL and WHA player, Gerry Ordowski. He roomed with my grandfather in Juniors for a bit and I always love hearing his stories (many about Gerry – all good stuff!) every time I visit him. While it might be a nice little town along the 11, it will always serve as a reminder of my grandfather.

  2. My mum lives in the beautiful village of Trout Creek. She spends her time with John the trucker and Gus the cat. I’m coming over to see her this July / August (2012) with her grandchildren, Max (8) and Ben (11). Can anyone give me some ideas of things to do during our visit? Looking forward to seeing you all! Bern.

  3. also there is a cabniet building place in troutcreek its where i work we could refinish it if u would likfe

  4. No more canoe manufacturing in Trout Creek. However, just north
    of the town, in Powassan, Giesler
    Marine does build cedar strip canoes, and probably repair same.

  5. Hi
    In 1975 or so, my father purchased a fine cedar strip canoe in your town of Trout Creek. He has passed away and I am looking to have it refinished/repairs. Would you be able to tell me if the business is still going and forward contact information.
    Sincere thanks

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