Wild Goose

Sunset near Wild Goose, off Ontario Highway 11Wild Goose isn’t actually on Highway 11.  It’s about five minutes south of it on Lakeshore Drive in the Township of Shuniah, which was the first municipality founded in northwestern Ontario.  Shuniah is a local aboriginal word for silver, which was mined in the area.

I stayed in a great hostel here – the Thunder Bay International Hostel.  For $20 a night you get your own room.  Camping is even cheaper.  Hiking and the river are nearby.  Lloyd and Willa and great hosts, and Lloyd knows all the best spots for swimming.  I never went swimming.  I hope I didn’t disappoint.

Wild Goose has a nice park where you can swim across from the ever-present Sleeping Giant.  There is an LCBO outlet and a variety store.  Silver Harbour Conservation Area is a two minute drive from Lakeshore Road.

River near Wild Goose

River near Wild Goose (Credit this and the above photos:  Lloyd)

Wild Goose Shuniah, Highway 11 Ontario highway11.ca

Municipal building for Shuniah Townshoip, near Wild Goose Ontario (Credit: User P199 at Wiki Commons.)

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