If you’ve gotten off of Highway 11, heading west from Matheson onto Highway 101, Shillington would be the first of those familiar Ontario town signs you’d see.

I’m pretty sure that Shillington is an old farming hamlet that has withered over the years.  Although I’ve passed through Shillington probably 10 times, it’s been a while and I can’t remember what there is there.

I know there is the intersection of Highway 101 and Chemin 577 Monteith, the odd house or building, a community hall on the south side, and the sign that says Shillington.  It’s pretty rural, and fairly empty.

The community hall hosts suppers and seniors events throughout the year. There’s also an evangelist church in what looks to be an old United Church a little bit past the main intersection.  I took a photo of that sign, and of the community hall, but in the intervening years I seem to have misplaced it on my computer.  I remember reading an article in Highgrader Magazine written by someone who grew up in Shillington, but though I kept a copy I seem to have misplaced that as well!.

I’m sure I’ve underestimated Shillington.  Posts your thoughts below, or email me at info (at) highway11 (dot) ca – photos are welcome.

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  1. I was raised in Shillington Ontario. The farm we grew up on is located on a large property directly across from and up the road about two city blocks…from what was the public school. My Uncle Dan Doey and his wife Hazel lived in a grey house next to the school. Mr. Bastion owned the old general store back there. My grandparents on my Mother’s side, Mummu and Pappu Hirrvillammi lived on a farm next to the store/gas station. I think Mummu and Pappu’s house is now gone. My Uncle Leslie Doey was the Baptist minister…of the little white church with the steeple. x There used to be a family named Bissonette’s who owned a gas station across from Bastion’s Store. I’ve longed to find someone who would help me gather up vintage archived old photos of the settlement years and the schoolhouse years. I live on Vancouver Island in BC’s coast now. If you or someone you know, may want to help me encourage others to dig in their atticks for memorobelia / photos that would be so GREAT! I’d love to see old class photos again and learn what became of those many awesome families: Barbers, Richardsons, Van der Kratts, Doeys, etc. I want to thank you also for posting a note on line when you did…it’s opened a tiny window of hope for me. Thank you. Viv

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