Barbers Bay

Barbers Bay, located a few minutes drive east of Connaught, is a mainly cottage community on the shores of Frederick House Lake.Barbers Bay, Ontario

Barbers Bay has a nice lakefront home that looks out onto Barber’s Bay Lake that was up for sale for ages and was finally fixed up by a local family. Now the house is an ideal spot to watch the lake, see the sunsets, and be peaceful and serene. I might want to live there…

Barbers Bay has a historical plaque commemorating the Hudson’s Bay Company set up the Frederick House fur trading post (that was located at Connaught, if my sources are correct) and that was the location of a massacre more than 100 years ago.

According to local stories, two locals killed more than 25 others after they took over the trading post one cold, winter night. Stories are unclear as to why they did it – snow fever, paranoia? – check out this link for a better recounting of the tale.Barbers Bay beach ontario

Barbers Bay, Ontario

Thanks to Patrick for the photos of Barbers Bay

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