Connaught is is a small hamlet about 30 minutes northeast of Timmins.

Located on the back road shortcut to Iroquois Falls (on Frederickhouse Lake Road), Connaught is a small village located on the old site of a Hudson’s Bay fur trading post – where the Frederick House River meets Frederick House Lake.  Today, Connaught is a small village with a post office and the odd the odd farm.  Oh, and a really good diner.

Connaught, Ontario -

Yep, this is all I’ve got of Connaught.  (Photo: Patrick)

Back in my time in this area there was a really good diner in Connaught, they serve some pretty mean wings and I think their wing special ws every Wednesday. It was popular with people driving between Iroquois Falls and Timmins and locals looking for an unpretentious bite on the way.

Connaught is also home to a pIoneer Museum operated by the local historical society.  At the museum they’re restoring an old forestry tug boat that used to ply the waters across Ontario – at one point starting in Rainy River, later on working its way to Marten River.

I’m assuming Connaughtians work in Timmins or Iroquois Falls – where else can you work when you live out here?  The Hoyle Pond mine?  In the bush, maybe?

Frederick House River, Connaught, Ontario

Cottages on the Frederick House River, near Connaught, Ontario (Credit: User P199 at Wiki Commons.)

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