Just kidding, this is Kitzbuehl!

Kamiskotia Ski Resort at night

You’d think that in a place like northern Ontario, where winter is not in short supply, that a “snow resort” wouldn’t have much pull with the locals.

Well, Kamiskotia Snow Resort puts my theory to rest – the ski club being a big draw in the area from December through to March with downhill, cross-country, snowboarding, tubing, etc.  Anything you can think of to do with snow, well, someone in northern Ontario has made a business out of it.  I think that Kamiskotia has the only skiing in northeastern Ontario, or at least north of Kirkland Lake.

Kamiskotia Snow Resort, near Timmins, Ontario

Kidding!!!  That’s Kitzbuehl. This is Kamiskotia.

Normally I wouldn’t include a resort on the website but on the map I was working from whilst I stayed in Timmins, Kamiskotia had it’s own dot, just as Connaught or Hoyle.  That might be because the Kamiskotia area is also home to a small cottage community, whose cottages line the shores of Kamiskotia Lake.  Hunting, snowmobiling, hiking and ice fishing are available out this way, as is an outfitters.

Kamiskotia Lake, near Timmins, Ontario

Kamiskotia Lake, northwest of Timmins

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