Hoyle is an intersection town about two minutes east of Porcupine, 18 kilometres northeast of Timmins.Hoyle, near Timmins Ontario highway11.ca

There’s a fire hall, community centre, and few houses around on the back road short-cut to Iroquois Falls.  Hoyle is the site of the Hoyle Pond Mine, one of two remaining gold producing mines in the Porcupine.

Hoyle seems to be a tiny farming hamlet that has hung on a bit better than its eastern neighbour Shillington.  During my time in Timmins, there was a resident right around the main corner that sold fresh vegetables from their oversized garden.  I’m not sure if they’re still selling, but if so they’re highly recommended.

Let me know a bit more about Hoyle – history, stories, photos, anything. My address is info (at) highway11 (dot) ca.

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  1. My parents senr to hoyle to work on my uncles farm just the other side of the porcupine river he had hens and we would go to Timmins dor to door and sell eggs he also had boats dock and stored in the winter. His name is ted Frost and I remember the shell station and laurie Hadden. I moved to L. A. in 1960 drafted one year later and sen to Germany, discharged in 1964 and now retired and live in Palm Springs Ca.
    I am now 80 years old and live on the golf course but being the oldest boy of eight children I remember the hard times.
    Al Lark

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