Cavers is a small town on Highway 17 about 50 minutes east of Nipigon.  While I remember passing a sign that said Cavers, I don’t really remember much.  I assume the town is slightly south of the Transcanada.

The Gravel River Provincial Nature Reserve is just a bit west of town on the shore of Lake Superior.  Unless you need gas immediately, I’d wait until Schreiber to get off Highway 17.

If you have any information or any photos, please send them my way.  My email is info (at) highway11 (dot) ca.

2 thoughts on “Cavers

  1. Terrific reading! I saetrtd to read this a few years back, and just completed it.Whether true or not, the writer has a talent for putting you in that position. I almost stood up with himand banged my head too when the scrapping noise was heard.Any updates on their next trip down there.Also I am claustrophobic, so the whole cave thing terrifies me, without other creatures down there.

  2. Cavers doesn’t exist anumore. In fact there wasn’t very much there to start with. At onetime it was a mere CPR section village which counted a post office, school, and a station. Its maximum population never exceeded 40. The post office was in operation from 1916-57. The last residents left in the 1970’s when the CPR closed the section.

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