Pays Plat

The Pays Plat First Nation is right in between Cavers and Rossport on Highway 11.  The community is nestled under some cliffs on the north side of the Highway and is easily accessible without much of a detour. A guy named Alexander McKay set up a fur trading post here in the 1860s. The place was named by the French, as it was the flat between two mountains (according to Wikipedia.)

The gas bar is open early and has gas, snacks, and drinks but no diner.  There is some beading for sale made by members of the First Nation.

Pays Plat First Nation, highway 11 ontario

Pays Plat in off Highway 17. (Credit: User P199 at Wiki Commons.)

I stopped in Pay Plat at 5 am to get some orange juice. Being 5 am I promptly paid for my juice and proceeded to leave it at the counter and drive away to Timmins without it, not noticing until I hit White River that I was juiceless.

I wasn’t in Pays Plat long enough to take any photos or get any more info, so if you have anything to add please send it to info (at) highway11 (dot) ca.

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