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  1. Port Coldwell actually predates Jackfish and the CPR. It is also a true ghosttow in the sense that there are no longer ANY residents living at in the village proper. It was established in 1878 by two scandinavians. At its height (1910-1950) Coldwell counted 2 stores, a station, school, a small mission church, a station, siding and water tower, CPR section houses and the 2-3 fishing companies. At its height about 200-250 lived here. There are many foundationa and a cemetery in Coldwell.

  2. coldwell is originally a small fishing village dating back to 1900-1940’s thiers still a few people who live here but is basically a old fishing village. in its hay day, trains use to stop and be loaded with fresh fresh bound for toronto and winnipeg, thiers a nice creek/waterfall running thru the main landing site, a shallowish harbour with great fishing, a few almost sunk fishing boats and a majestic cliff approx 250 ft high for cliff diving (water is 60 ft deep)

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