Shebandowan / Shebaqua Corners

She-ban-do-wan, ooby do dooby do do She-ba-qua-qua

That’s not a real song.  I’ve just always thought that Shebandowan and Shebaqua Corners (well, minus the ‘Corners’) sounded like an improvised line from a minor Frankie Valli hit.

Highway 11 Lake Shebandowan

Lake Shebandowan at dusk (Photo credit: Linda)

It’s kind of funny to think that even parts of Ontario as remote and in the wilderness as north-west Ontario have their own cottage countries.  Or, as they like to call them up here, “camps”.  Shebandowan is one such area – I guess if the hustle and bustle of Fort Frances or Rainy River is too much for you, you can escape here.

Seventy kilometres west of Thunder Bay, Shebandowan has access to three lakes (upper, middle, and lower) for swimming, boating, and fishing.  Inco used to run a mine on the south side of the lake.  There used to be a hotel in the area, but all that remains are some scattered stores.  I’m told that this area of north-western Ontario is beautiful.

Linda emailed me the photo above and to let me know that there is more going on than I’ve reported.  American visitors often frequent Beda’s Lodge. There is great pizza at the old Burstrom’s and the Shebandowan Pie Sale in August is the annual must go to event to see everyone, have a drink or two and go home with a fresh baked pie.

Shabaqua Corners is a small hamlet on Highway 11 west of Thunder Bay.  What’s kind of neat about Shebaqua Corners is that every single vehicle either coming or going by way of Manitobagoes through this spot as there is no other way to get through Northern Ontario from out west.

As in most truck-stop towns, Shabaqua Corners has a local diner, an LCBO, a gas station, and a store.  There used to be a hotel in town…Chris emailed to tell me that it is still open.

Shebandowan, Highway 11 Ontario

Is that a bandstand beside the municipal office in Shebandowan? If so, I wanna be on their council. (Photo: User P199 at Wiki Commons.)

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  1. A small breed n-m dog was picked up between Shebandwan and Shabaqua a few days ago and dropped off @ Thunder Bay Animal Services, 882 Alloy Place (807-684-2156). If someone in your vicinity lost him, please send them here to bail him out ASAP. He was not real friendly for the folk who picked him up but he has been fine for us. Folk out there probably wouldn’t think to come here to look for him. Please pass on the word that he is here. he does have a microchip but there is no information filed with the microchip co
    . for the little guy. In Anticipation. Thanks!

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  4. Lake Shebandowan is a delightful lake with lots of room to explore, fish and swim! It is accessible from the “town” of Shebandowan and at access points along the highway to Atikokan. While it is remote, it is worth the drive. Some of the most beautiful places on earth are the least populated and this is true for Lake Shebandowan. We love it!
    Linda, from Springhill Florida

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