Wade’s Landing

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Wade’s Landing, on Lake Nipissing, in between Callander and Nipissing Village

As a kid I was fascinated by maps and they places they represented – Who lives there?  What do they do?  What does it look like? – so while relaxing before supper at Piebird, I took the car out for a ten minute excursion to see just what was Wade’s Landing.  It was a dot on the map and I can’t resist exploring a dot on the map.

Wade’s Landing isn’t really a settlement – it is more just a small docking station for personal boats on Lake Nipissing at the end of Lake Nipissing Road, five minutes from Nipissing Village.

There’s a bait shop and variety store, the Fish Bay full service marina, and a number of different camps, cottage rentals and fishing outfitters in the vicinity – more than 30, in fact.  Lake Nipissing Road twists west and south after you’ve hit the marina but I didn’t go further than the lake front.

And that’s about it.

highway11.ca, Wade's Landing, Ontario, lodges, camps

There really are a lot of lodges and camps in and around Wade’s Landing

highway11.ca, highway 11, yonge street, wade's landing, lake nipissing

Wade’s Landing’s boat shacks are reminiscent of Long Point, Port Rowan, and Port Stanley – southern Ontario’s blue-collar cottage country along the north shore of Lake Erie.

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