Lake Helen

A town of about 250 people, Lake Helen is home to the Red Rock First Nation, which hosts its annual traditional gathering from July 14 through to the 16th.
Lake Helen

Lake Helen has a nice beach and some beautiful views out onto the local lake, which is part of Lake Nipigon Provincial Park.

The town is also home to St. Sylvesters Roman Catholic Church.  Built in 1877, the Jesuit mission is clearly historic and is marked by an on-site plaque, and some traditional scared ground on the other side of Highway 11.

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  3. Looking for a place I used to visit as a boy with my dad and brothers for fishing. Cabins and fishing packages out on Lake Nipigon. Owner was Buzz Taisley ? out of Orient Bay. Anyone heard of him? Still in business? Have a phone number or address? Would love to take my dad back up one last time…can anyone help me out?

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