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When I added a comment feature to each community profiled on Highway11.ca in 2008 I never expected anyone to really use it. 


Between 2008 and 2012, 30 comments were posted about Viriginiatown / Kearns.  Below are all of the comments that were posted, with the oldest comments appearing at the top.


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datetime: 20100131T010213
name: patrick
location: kearns ontario

this is the best town ever thanks mcgarry i luv you

datetime: 20100131T010223
name: patrick
location: kearns ontario

this is the best town ever thanks mcgarry i luv you

datetime: 20100507T212636
name: Derek Harrison
location: Carlisle.England. UK

I lived at 6 Munroe St. V-Town from approx 1958-1961. My dad worked at Kerr-Addison, underground. I went to the public school. We are an English family who then returned home. I still have great memories of my time there. Anyone remember the Harrison family? Dad John(Jack) Mother Joyce. My brother Dave went to school in Kirkland Lake. Me Derek, My sister Pauline (Paula). I remember Joe's cafe. Te P&G supermarket. Jefferies hardware store and apartments. The British Legion Club. My Mam and Dad were regulars there. Doug and Mavis Buss who moved to Hamilton. If anybody reads this and remembers anyone round this time, feel free to contact me any time on my e/mail address.

datetime: 20100821T191836
name: Bill & Helen

we are in the process of moving to V-town on a permanent basis.
we love it. the area is beautiful, evryone seems  very friendly, hope things work out.
see you soon v-town!

datetime: 20100901T105309
name: Roxanne Gauthier
location: Kearns

I lived in Kearns from 1982 to 1987. I went to the french Catholic school in V-town called St Louis. My parents climed the Mont Chaudron. Some of my best childhood memory's are in Kearns & not a day goes by that I don't miss does care free days.

datetime: 20100927T125327

name: Grace Fulford


location: London Ontario


I am trying to trace any descendants of Mrs. Jack CAVERLEY who lived there in the 1950's.

datetime: 20110207T011625

name: Guylaine


location: QuÈbec


My cousin, Michael Palangio, told me tonight, that our aunt Tiny dye on Saturday Morning.  I'am very sad.  It was the oldes sister of my Dad, Leo.  I won't be able to be at her funeral, but I'll be there in thoughts.


datetime: 20110413T003127

name: Alex Campbell


location: Virginiatown


I came to this town many years ago, visiting a sister who was in a foster home in North Virginiatown. I knew as I left town after a short visit,that I was returning. I continued in a foster home till I 15. Through job, after job I landed a job at the Cheminis mine sight, met and worked with some of the greatest miners and supervion people.I am planning on selling my home as u need to find who I once was. I\'ll always feel the comfort here,and will always visit

datetime: 20110528T203234

name: Richard Lamoureux


location: Kelowna British Columbia


Live in V-Town when I was a kid. My Grandpa Cliff owned the local Barbershop and Second Hand store. We moved to Kirkland Lake and my dad owned the Coffie Cup restaurant. He also had a wig shop and poster shop as well as a Barber shop. He played drums in a band called the Cabaleros. We moved away when I was in Grade 4. I still remember a lot of details from back then. The mayor was Tom Boland hwo walked around in shorts even in the winter. Ed Havrot was mayor at the time we left.Does anyone remember my Gradfather or Dad? My dad was Eddy and mom Edith. My uncle is Gary and My Aunt Debbie married Albert Manseau.

datetime: 20110607T181757

name: John Yule




Richard,  I remember your Grandfather well.  Well known for his pipe and the many pipe smoking contests that he entered over the years.  Both he and your Dad had a go at my hair!!

datetime: 20110710T003941

name: Gwen MacTavish


location: Killarney, Manitoba


Richard, I remember your grandpa.  My maiden name was Gibb.  My dad and brothers had their hair cut at his barber shop.  He was also very generous and let us use his phone to call for a ride home after we watched the movie at the Saturday matinees.

datetime: 20110902T013038

name: Bill Gibb



Hi Richard Lamoureux, Your Dad gave me many hair cuts & I remember his shop being located on top of the hill across from the fire hall and the BP gas station. We moved from V-Town at the end of March 1965. Riding our bikes out to Mt. Cheminis, signing in at the ranger station & then hiking up to the top was a frequent summer adventure. I can remember climbing up the old fire tower on the top of the mountain & eating our peanut butter sandwiches. It was a little scary as only the floor of the fire look out tower was left... the roof & walls were long gone. Skiing at Larder lake was heaps of fun as well...since those days I have realized a dream that started there... to ski in the Rocky Mtns! Many many fond memories of V-Town...Hi Gwen!!

datetime: 20111023T041516

name: greg marciniak


location: lorain, ohio   U.S.A.


been to mike arko's camp many times. love your part of the world. the fishing is the absolute best and so are the people.  hope to return there in 2012. maybe do some gold mining while i'm there been to the museum in v. town and k.lake. great place to be.

datetime: 20111029T170515

name: John Jewell




Richard - I remember your grampa Cliff well - he cut my hair for 15 years.  I went to McGary public school with your dad - we were friends. I lived in V-Town from 1940 - 1952.  cheers!

datetime: 20111109T133459

name: maurice desgagne


location: Goderich Ont


I went to Ecole St-Louis grade one, good thoughts of V-Town.

datetime: 20111222T010743

name: Richard Lamoureux


location: Kelowna British Columbia


I posted my message in May and never looked back at the board. It\\\'s nice to read some of your memories of my dad and Grandpa. John Jewel what was my dad like as a kid???  Bill Gibb Your memory of the shop was very accurate.  My email is rjlamoureux1@hotmail.com

have a great Christmas

datetime: 20120213T074100

name: Gordon


location: Mount Isa


Lived there for a short while over winter after coming from Australia. That was in 1967. We then went onto Toronto and back to Australia in 1970. First time in the snow and the wilderness. It was great.

datetime: 20120222T172053

name: Mike Molotkin


location: Winnipeg


I remember Cliff Lamoureux very well He cut my hair many times. I used to live on Waite Avenue. Actually my parents lived in one of his second floor apartments when they first came to Canada in 1957. Cliff was a great guy

datetime: 20120401T144348

name: Steve David

location: Oshawa


I too remember Cliff, who cut my hair for many years along with my fathers. Eddie did as well on a few occaisions.

Mike, I remember your family as well when you lived on Connell ave just a couple of doors down.


Small world I guess.

datetime: 20120501T021607

name: Rick Lafrance


location: Abbotsford BC


Cliff gave me my first haircut ever.Ever see the movie that the shop and Cliff was in?!

datetime: 20120711T225558

name: Ginette Lauzon


location: Moonbeam


Do you know Michel Dufresne he is my cousin and i've been looking for him for a long time.Going through town tomorow hopÍfuly will find him

datetime: 20120728T213939

name: Gary Reynolds


location: Kitchener, on.


I remember V-town very well ,i also grew up there. i moved away 29 years ago to look for work and never looked back, only to visit time and again. I lived in many houses in v-town growing up,

datetime: 20120803T212413

name: Carol & Gene Dube


location: Petawawa, Ontario


We are searching for Paul and Muriel Rose who we believe to be summer residents of VirginiaTown.  If anyone knows of their whereabouts would you please contact us at (613) 687-6292.  Thank you so much

datetime: 20120814T190810

name: Dominique Quinn-Chartrand


location: Sudburym, ON




We are hosting an exhibit opening for Louie Palu and would like to send a formal invite to the Kerr mine and the Cheminis Gold Mine. Any contact information (adress) would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

The Art Gallery of Sudbury

datetime: 20120817T010253

name: John Adamson




I am hoping to hike into Adamson Lake which above and to the east  of Raven Lake. My grandfather discovered the lake while surveying the area in the early 1900's.  I am looking for local knowledge of possible trails that could get me close. Thanks

datetime: 20121106T163349

name: Fred Fox


location: ST Albert Alberta


My dad,Keith, was the manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia in the 1950's.I went to the Catholic School until grade 5 or six.I remember Cliff giving me my haircuts as well & the Saturday movies at the theatre across the street.We lived near the lake on the hill in a 1/2 duplex owned by the Lalondes.

datetime: 20121214T080700

name: BeivaImmova




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datetime: 20121215T021838

name: didier michot




I was 22 when I arrived in Canada. In 1966 ( with a degree in architecture from France and not succeeding I found my way to the Rouyn region in the  little village of Montbeillard and got a job as a Miner at Kerr Addisson in V-Town. I never worked so hard in my life and to this date I feel immensely proud of having been working with the best batch of human beings I have ever met. I eventually made my way to Churchill Falls power project and made enough money to open my first design studio. I will never forget those days of hard work, waiting for the cage in the darkness of cold winter mornings. Anyway, to all the miners who could read this short note, I owe you. You made me a man and even if I donot always remember your names I remember your faces, after a hard shift waiting for the cage to go back to our families, eat, go to bed and get up for the next shift. Drill, load, blast, scle  and mock.

Thank you, you are what makes this Country great.

Thanks again

Didier Michot