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When I added a comment feature to each community profiled on Highway11.ca in 2008 I never expected anyone to really use it. 


Between 2008 and 2012, more than 40 comments were posted on Sesekinika.  Below are all of the comments that were posted, with the oldest comments appearing at the top.


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datetime: 20081115T031725
name: Pascal LaRouche

location: Toronto, Ontario

We own a camp on Lake Wewegimok, which is just east of Sesekinika.  We take Road 570 through Sesekinika to get to our camp.  Nice people in Sesekinka, for the most part.  Very helpful and generous.  The hamlet runs along the North shore of Lake Sesekinika, but unfortunately, the Ontario Northland Railway line is between the hamlet and the shoreline.

datetime: 20090404T060851
name: Sandra Heikkila
location: Oshawa

My Aunt and Uncle had a marina on the lake in the late '60's they stored boats,sold gas,and had a french fry shack.. Auntie Joan's Fries were the best on the lake then.It was about 1972 and they had canoe races.. now the land is all grown over and weeds now cover the old dock area.. but the public beach is still the same a bit smaller but still the same. I still have family who live on that bit of paved road still today.

datetime: 20090428T012403
name: Diane Stoodley-Howe
 location: Sault Ste. Marie, On.

I grew up at Sesekinika, as a young girl my Grandparents, Dick and Maude Macgregor lived in the village. Their house is the one with the 2 dormers and now has imitation siding. It is at the end of the curve, down through the village. At that time it had white siding with a red front door. The store was the hub of the
village and the old timers sat on it:s porch and argued whether the
train was on time. There was the
owner, Ollie Olson who was quite a character and a fine man.
Some names I remember, Lillian Ashby, Gorden Macgregor (Uncle)
Demby Scales, Westiguard, The Killans, The Smiths, Richard (Dick)and Maude Macgregor, Jack Head, to name a few. WE lived in K.L. but loved Sese. My parents met
there. We had a small cottage in the
bush, just before the turn into the village. The stories we could tell. Sesekinika will always be a
warm memory. Thanks.....

datetime: 20090509T042244
name: Peggy Lou Stoodley/Berg
location: Millet, AB

To whom it may concern.  I have information on the Golden Summit Mines Ltd. that was given to me by George Stoodley (my father)who worked there in 1934.  Also pictures and newspaper clippings that I would gladly send to you if I have a name and address.
They speak volumes and clarifies when the mine was in operation.
I have written a novel called, \\\"The General Store\\\" depicting the 1934\\\'s involving the local colourful residents based on personal experiences and stories passed down in the family.
To date I haven\\\'t pursued publishing it but it was a pleasure to put to paper.
Thanks for reading this
Peggy Berg, Box 76 Millet, AB T0C 1Z0

datetime: 20090630T233820
name: Martin Wiltsey
 location: Calgary, Alberta

Ahhh! Sesekinika├ľ.lake of many islands I believe the name means. I stumbled across your site when I was trying to locate an image to prove that there actually is a town called Swastika. My maternal grandparents used to own the marina that Sandra Heikkila referred to. I believe that they sold it to the Heikkilas. Additionally years before they also owned the Sesekinika Resort just off the highway, and had a cottage on one of the islands that they rented out. Eventually he sold/gave/bequeathed(?) it to my mother and it is still owned and in use by her and her kids and grandkids to this day. It has practically become a timeshare it is so in demand in the summer. (Perhaps the Macgregor name rings a bell.) My uncle Lloyd Macgregor used to reside on and maintain  the former Easter Seals Camp for crippled children and my cousin, Kenneth still, as far as I am aware, lives in the village. Alas, I have not been out to the cottage since the mid '90's, but there is not a summer day that goes by that I don't think about those idyllic days on Lake Sesekinika. I used to hitchhike from the mine in Noranda to the Easter Seals Camp, then, with my stuff in a green garbage bag sealed tight, I would swim across the narrow gap between the mainland point and the cottage. I do wish I could return to those days. Southern Alberta is virtually devoid of rocks, trees, and lakes.

datetime: 20090718T175426
name: Syl Corsini
location: Lynden

Well I woke up early one Saturday morning, sipped on my coffee and flipped through photos of cottages I wasn't really looking for in the first place. A lovely photo of a cottage atop an island rock with a guest cabin caught my eye. I visited it two days later and bought the place! I never really expected to see such fine northern country and never anticipated the rest, relaxation and wonderful moments I have enjoyed here as a newcomer!

datetime: 20090811T204348
location: Oshawa, ON

I too am a Heikkila, and a Nord.Sandra is my sister. My aunt and uncle (Joan & Tony Heikkila) owned the marina when I was a kid growing up. When I  married we came up to Ses to stay in one of the little cottages they had on the point. It was so awesome. And the wild blueberries that grew there, awww nothing like them anywhere else..mmmm. My paternal grandparents owned the land (The Nords) just after the railroad tracks and before you hit town(on the right side) I have no idea who owns it now, my uncle Pat Nord owned it, but has passed away, so I am not sure now?? Also my dad (Carl Nord) had a house on the main drag in Ses, but I believe it was Jan/64 that his house burned down and  his wife Erline and his 4 youngest children died. I believe someone owns it now as he couldn't  go back and let it go for taxes and my uncle Bill (John, Jack)Nord bought it and I'm not sure what happened after that. I believe someone else owns the land. I would really like to know what happened to all the land, and there is also Nord Island
in Lake Sesekinika, if anyone knows any info and would like to add to this please post it.
Thanks, Carolyn (Heikkila/Nord)Fillatrau

datetime: 20090817T150026
name: Pascal LaRouche
location: Toronto, Ontario

Well, I see that my missive has opened a few memories.  Great!  Sesekinika is just a hamlet realy.  Yes, Ken Macgregor and his wife are residents.  He owns the local Weed Man franchise and has a cottage on Kapakita Lake.  As we take the bush trail to Kapakita, we pass the old gold mine site and I would love to get more info about it.  As we are part owners of the Kapakita Wewegimok Inc., I will pass the info on to the other 11 owners.  We have spent many weeks at our camp on Wewegimok so far this year.  The beaver dam between Kapakita and Wewegimok has kept us very busy trying to keep the waterway open.  We see very few boats (other than our own) on the lake.  The area is pristine.  No civilization noise (save the occasional train whistle from the ONR Polar Bear Express ("Express !"  Ha! about 50 km/hour and stops at any trail crossing where a trapper might want to unload his canoe or traps!), a bit of light reflection on the horizon from Kirkland Lake.  Moose, beaver, loons, ducks, bear, wolves, an osprey family, and American Bald Eagle family and the other usual Northern Ontario fauna.  The Northen Lights can be spectacular.  Our entire family loves the place.  The 6+ hour drive from Toronto just seems to fly by.  Looking fwd. to reading more memories re: Sesekinika area.  Pascal LaRouche 95 Hillcrest Drive Toronto Ont M6G 2E5

datetime: 20090825T210232
name: Ken McGregor
location: Sesekinika

Just a clarification on some comments on this site.
First of all, Sesekinika is on Highway 570,not 572.
Sesekinika resort is closed as well as Circle Square Ranch.
Myself and Lois have dropped The Weed Man franchise, and we are now called McGregor's Total Lawn Care.

That's about all the updates as of now.
Ken McGregor

datetime: 20090829T003806
name: David Shortt
location: Windsor/Sesekinika

I lived in Sesekinika from 1944 until 1956, completed my grade eight at the 1 room school (still standing now I believe although I think being used as a private home) then to KLCVI. I return every once in a while to keep in touch with childhood friends, but those friends old and young are sure dweindling now.

Most of the names mentioned I know as well, the older ones that lived there during the years '44 to 56.

Wish I could meet them all again but so many have passed away.

David shortt

datetime: 20091019T033620
name: Chris Sheculski
 location: London, Ontario

I have many happy memories of summers in Sesekinika.  I spent a few weeks their each summer when I was about age 4 to 14 (mid 70's to early 80's).  My Grandmother's (Cora Sheculski) sister Thelma Code had a place on an island in the lake. I believe my father (Brian)and uncle (Wayne) spent time their when they were kids in the 60's.  Thelma had three sons, Larry, Greg, and Dennis.  I understand that Dennis still owns the cottage.  The other Codes have pasted away.

The name Heikkila sounds very familiar as I remember the marina.  The name Casey sticks in my head.

I found this site after searching for info on Sesekinika.

datetime: 20100115T233412
name: Judy Ann
location: Thorold, ON

I lived in Holtyre for most of my life and was on the school bus that picked up kids from Sesekinika, Bourkes, Wavell going to KLCVI...and dropped kids off at King George School??? and Queen Elizabeth maybe???  good Lord...sooooo long ago..1968 to 1971 I guess!!!  I won't even do the math to put a number to how long ago!!!!

datetime: 20100123T201117
name: Dave McGowan
location: Trenton

My family had a cottage there for years. The McGowans Harold(Hank) and Dorothy.  My Aunt had a cottage just down the road from us her name was Jane West and people my remember my cousin Dale he had a learning disability. As well my Uncle had a cottage on the lake as well his name was Fred West. I love that place miss it lots and really enjoed my summers there.

datetime: 20100218T022703
name: Grace Brooks
location: The Pas, manitoba

Oh yes, Sesekinika, the town of my heart. Although I spent only eighteen years of my life in Sese, my heart and thoughts are still there in the little hamlet. I've even written a series of books with Sesekinika as the setting (although I gave the town a fictitious name).
I remember Sandra Nord and the Heilkilas, Denbay Scales, Ollie Olson and Julliet Corveaux
I attended the one roomed school house (also in my books) with such kids as Helen Smith, Gorden Killens, Norma Mcgugan. These are only a few of the names of the kids I went to school with. I can't remember these kids ever treating me with anything but spite, but this doesn't prevent me from remembering Sesekinika with fondness.

datetime: 20100326T195145
name: Lorne Fleece
location: North Bay

Sesekinika was also called Sasagnika in 1907. A Mr. A.F.G. Wendt-Wriedt a Dane started the settlement here in 1907 by inducing some of his friends from Denmark to come to Canada. He originally had them come to Englehart to farm but he could not get land close his farm to form a co-operativr dairy business. He then contacted the Departemnt of Agriculture of Ontario to obtain land for farms in the Sesekinika area.An interesting fact about the settlement is that log buildings  built by A.R. Mcdonnell for use during the railway construction were bought to house four Scanadinavian families while they got their farms going.
 In the 30\'s My family would visit the Sesekinika area to fish from the shore and we enjoyed the area very much My Dad Vincent always liked spring water and we would stop at a spring location along highwy 11  near the lake to fill up some glass jars to take home.
Paddy Nord from Sesekinika worked on the Ontario North Land Communications lines to Moosonee one summer He was a friend of my brother Sylvester Paul Fleece.
The Killins family had members that worked the O.N. Railway as well.
Does any one know if there are any decendants of A.G. F. Wendt-Wriedt family in the Sesekinika area at this time ?

datetime: 20100510T023110
name: Martin Wiltsey
location: Calgary, Alberta

Does anyone know whatever beame of the Dutrisacs (spelling?) They were the last to own the gas station on the highway just before you turned off on the road to Sesekinika. After it burned down, they disappeared and I wonder whatever became of them and where they are now.

datetime: 20100711T024510
name: Brenda Stoyand
location: Timmins

Oh Gosh...as I read many of the names on here that I remember while growing up in Ses, I can't help but think..."Geez,Sesekinika holds dear memories for a lot of folks". I remember Demby,(even though I was just a little girl), and Joan and Tony Heikkla (I still visit Hughie Heikkla every time I go to the lake). Gordie Killens had a cottage right next door to ours, in the village. I remember you too Chris Sheculski from Thelma's cottage.... I lived with Larry Code for approx. 7 years. Someone mentioned "Nords".  Actually, they are having a family reunion this weekend, July 11th, 12th, and 13th. at the resort in Sesekinika.  I was supposed to go but I have to work and have very few vac. days left.  My neice Karina Paananen and my sister Donna Stoyand will probably be stopping in to say hello.  Anyway, it was nice reading all of these little anecdotes. I am glad I stumbled onto this site. P.S. I've already written a little blurb prior to this one but it wouldn't post...Whomever developed this site can't add or subtract....so you may hear from me more than once. I do the math question, press post and nothing happens!  Dah!  Probably a delayed reaction....and there I'll be...6, 7, or maybe even 9 times. lol.

atetime: 20100728T123420
name: Editor
 location: Ontario

This is a test.

datetime: 20100815T032012
name: Stephane Pichette
 location: Timmins, Ontario

My parents Georges and Bertha Pichette owned a cottage on Sesekinika Lake in the late 1950's and early 1960's. I believe my great uncle Alphonse Marin owned what was then called Marin Resort. Just wondering if anyone remembers my parents, and if they could tell me where their cottage was located...and if anyone has any stories about my parents...as both are now deceased.

datetime: 20110118T001933

name: David Shortt


location: Windsor  Ontario


My memories of Sesekinika are mostly positive. Oh yes, I lived there for 12 years (1944 to 1956) so things were bound to happen that were not pleasant.

I think the one thing that stands out in my mind is the annual Christmas concerts we had at the school. Everyone from the village and for miles around must have though a great deal of them too for they were definitely a well attended event. First came the play then a lunch afterwards and then the jolly old man in red.

The ones run by Miss McCallwee were especially good. Of course I did not take part in any lead by any other teacher since she was my teacher for all but one of my grade school grades.

One play in particular stand out even to today - it must have been either my last or second last year at the white school in Sesekinika.

Part of the reason this stands out so much is that one of the audience(I believe it was Forbes McCregor) kept reminding me of this play and how he had enjoyed it as it was so well and realisticly played. Of course what the play was about had a part in him remembering the play as well.

Maybe some of you will remember the play. I can only vaguely remember the full plot but as I do remember it it was about a person who was sick and I guess would have "died" if he didn't get operated on to see what was making hime sick. So they got a doctor and he "operated" on the poor sick fellow. The last scene, and the one that this kept reminding me about because it affected him so much was someone holding a big black cat (a real one) above the curtains for everyone to see.


I will leave it to your imagination as to where that cat had come from - just like the play itself did.


I would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers that play


datetime: 20110127T142811



location: New Liskeard,Ontario


Change the colour background of thiw web pages. We can not read anything about the municipality.

datetime: 20110208T153352

name: diane stoodley-howe

location: sault ste.marie, on.


Upon going on google, I viewed the old store in Sese and was disheartened by the condition it was in.  In the past it was owned and run by Ollie Olson.  The store was the hub of the town.  I was wondering if it would be removed and another store built in it's place.

A little store would be a plus for residents and visitors.  Stores are a meeting place for people as I remember this store and what it meant and the memories we share having had it. 

The people of Sesekinika we will remember always with affection.

datetime: 20110209T193657

name: Dianw Sroodley-Howe

location: Sault Ste. Marie, On.


Upon going on Google, I viewed the old store in Sese and was disheartened by the condition it was in.  In the past it was owned and run by Ollie Olson.  The store was the hub of the town. I Was wondering if it would be removed and another store built in it's place.  A little store would be a plus for residents and visitors.  Stores are a meeting place for people as I remember this store and what it meant and the memories we share having had it.  The people of Sesekinika We will remember always with affection.

datetime: 20110410T135525

name: Ben Bills


location: South Point, Ohio


My parents and I were regular visitors to Sesekinika throughout much of my young life. We had the A-Frame cottage that sits outside the village, on the way out to Wewegimok. My parents are William and Phyllis Bills.


I remember some of the names mentioned here. I also remember the village store. Most of my summers were spent in Sesekinika, so I made friends with all the local kids, and spent many long summer days swimming and relaxing.


I haven\'t been back to Sesekinika since 1995. My dad still goes at least once a year. I\'m just never able to go when he wants to go. Some of my fondest childhood memories were built around Ses, and some of my best friends come from there. I\'m still in touch with many of them, like Louise, and Maryanne Dumas, Charlene Barnacle, and Patti MacMillan. I truly miss that place, and all the warm, friendly faces. I WILL go back there one day!

datetime: 20111126T022602

name: Don Alton

location: Oshawa


In the 1940s my parents bought our

cottage from fellow people frome Timmins.We used in until 1953..Really enjoyed Ses. then.Would like to rent there sometime and relive memories..

Don Alton


datetime: 20111127T031710

name: Diane Stoodley-Howe

location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Went to SES. with my sister Peg and her daughter Kathy, in May,  2011.  Was disappointed with the store that had caved in, the dock that was in the lake across from the store was missing, boathouse gone, weeds growing where the dock was. Train station removed.  Ses. is an unorganized township and therefore the grant money nonexistant.  Too bad, as Ses. has wonderful caring people living there. But it will always be Ses., a heartfelt memory to us.

datetime: 20111130T014042

name: Don Alton

location: Oshawa


Used to sumer in 40s and 50s on #1 Isle..Really loved it..I was teener then..

Would like toi go back back...maybe I can rent a cottage from someone

Thanks Don Alton


datetime: 20111220T150510

name: John Harper


location: Stony Plain ab/Holtyre


The town of Matheson is having their 100th reunion on the long weekend of july 2012, The people past and present, manly past, of HOLTYRE are going to have a get-to getter on the sunday of that weekend.So if you know anyone who lived in Holtyre would you pass this on to them, hey we will even let you come if you rode on the world famous Holtyre Flyer...

datetime: 20120113T032903

name: Sigrid Brunhilde Wendt-Wriedt


location: Toronto, Ontario


My Grandfather from Denmark had a child in Ses.Lake. and looking for any into of the family there and the first had Hiawatha in her name. Thanks.....

datetime: 20120228T184247

name: peter thor wendt wriedt watson


location: comox BC


Hi this is a shot in the dark query. I am looking for info about my mother who was born in Sesekinika back around 1915. Her name was Greta Heliun Hiawatha Wendt-Wriedt. I wonder if there are any records of these times. Thank you, regards Peter-Thor Watson

datetime: 20120327T195627

name: Karen Benoit

location: Sault Ste Marie


Don't even know how I happened upon this site..was looking up places to stay in Kirkland Lake. I lived in Kirkland Lake from 1947-1965. Sesekinika if I recall was where I went to Brownie and Girl Guide Camp. We had to go by train. I have a pic of me waving the white flag for the train to stop to pick us up. Then we would board a big old barge to take us across the  lake to the camp. Doe Lake rings a bell also.Does anyone else remember this ???

datetime: 20120505T051700

name: Lora Ferraro


location: Virginia_Beach,Virginia


I am the great grand-daughter of Adolf Johannes Theodore (AJT) Wendt-Wriedt.  Obe of the founders of Seskinika Village (I think). He moved to U.S. early 1940s, I believe.  I have pictures of my mother and uncle at the log cabin in the mid 1930's.

He had a son named Sven (Swain), who lived in Noranda.  I believe he passed in the late 1990's.   His daughter, Ingeborge Augusta Adolphina lived in New York and passed away in 1991.  She was my grandmother.  There was three other children and his wife, Ingeborg is buried in Englehart or Haileysbury (sp?).

datetime: 20120609T052720

name: Lyse Laurin


location: Verner


The Lemire family had a cottage there. Does anyone remember them?

datetime: 20120622T011602

name: Rick F.

location: Sudbury


Although I am always in too much of a rush zipping down Hwy. 11, I've been meaning for years to go and have a good look around town.  I worked on the ONR extra gang that put new rail through there around '82 or '83. Maybe it was the hard labour, but boy that lake always looked soooo refreshing. I took a walk along the tracks today looking for any old bent spikes or crooked anchors I might have pounded in. I remember the diving platform. Where'd it go? The shore seems a little more weedy than I remember.  The post office/store is gone. There's one collapsed building which isn't too pretty, but there are some fine looking residences there too.  It's still a lovely spot.

datetime: 20120628T232518

name: Grace Shortt Brooks

location: The Pas, Manitoba


OH SO MANY WONDERFUL MEMOREIES OF A TIME SO LONG IN THE PAST. a more relaxed era. Yes,I Grace Shortt, attended the one-roomed school until grade eight, then went to KLCVI IN KIRKLAND LAKE.

It is nice to see that the one-roomed school has has been preserved as an historical building. It's too bed the store/post office also couldn't have been preserved as a histotical building. I remember Sesekinika as a very beautiful hamlet, although I've lived in the west a lot longer than in Sesekinika.

Does anyone even remember the Shortts?

datetime: 20121127T005250

name: advarfovalt





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God Bless,

Alan, Lindsay, Alexis, Aiden, and Autumn Markos

datetime: 20121204T150914

name: Diane Stoodley-Howe


location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.


Is there anyway of eliminating the above advertisements that are not relative to Sesekinika and the memories people share on this site.