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When I added a comment feature to each community profiled on Highway11.ca in 2008 I never expected anyone to really use it.  To my great surprise, those who did often expressed interest in some of the smallest communities on Highway 11.


Between 2008 and 2012, more than 40 comments on Matheson were made on the old site.  Below are all of the comments that were posted, with the oldest comments appearing at the top.


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datetime: 20081019T055511
name: Ella
location: Fullarton

Beautiful place.
I went to matheson with a girl friend of mine on Thanksgiving day weekend...it was great.
I will be back.

datetime: 20090613T000438
name: Travis
location: Levack

My family, after emigrating here from Germany before WWII, first settled in Matheson before venturing out to the rest of Northern Ontario. My family still owns land up at the end of North Road, just past the Black River bridge north of Matheson. We got a little cabin there. Nice little town.

datetime: 20090728T205831
name: Ronda Mackwood
 location: Blind River, ON

I am looking for information on the Mackwood Family. Ambrose Mackwood and his family lived there in the 1930's. Believed to have been farmers. Family Members were Sylvester, Ambrose Jr., Dorothy, Veronica and Edmond.
Where would children have gone to school in 1936? I have a report card that says (Bond) Principal Thelma G. McCafferty. Does anyone know where this is?
Thank you,
Ronda Mackwood

datetime: 20090808T160005
name: Frances Frisken
location: Toronto

I have been doing a lot of research on Matheson and area because my grandparents, the Frank Ginns, emigrated to Matheson from England in 1909 and my mother Joan grew up there.  There are a couple of minor points in the article that do not jibe with what I have found out.  You  may want to look into them.
 1)  McDougall Chutes was named for the rapids, or chutes, in the Black River well before there was any mine in the area.  These were substantial rapids and viewed as a potential source of power until a dam was built at Iroquois Falls in 1914.
2)Driftwood City was renamed Monteith in 1912 to honor Nelson Monteith, the Minister of Agriculture, who had just visited the area. 
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any family or other records about Matheson's early years.  ffrisken@teksavvy.com 

datetime: 20100113T123115
name: Judy Ann
location: Thorold, ON

Much information has been  contributed to these sites but MacDougall Chutes was named after the falls/rapids on the Black River which was named after the MacDougall family who lived close to the water.
As an update, the Stanley Hotel no longer sits on the corner - it has been flattened.

datetime: 20100117T181702
name: Lorne Fleece
location: North Bay ON

Hi Frances Frisken  and all others interested in the Matheson; McDougall Chutes history.There are   three copies of the  manuscript "The Goodwin Papers  Lake Abitibi Area 1905-1908 in the library and museum
at Matheson. The  material contains  about 80 letters written from the area of Mc Dougall Chutes to Baie Verte New Brunswick. Also has maps and many photos. Ernst Goodwin  writes most of the letters to his wife describing his work  on the Transcontinental Railway and country while getting supllies  from  the base at Mc Dougall Chutes.
Good Luck .. Lorne

datetime: 20100205T234905
name: Kim
 location: North Bay

When I was young, my grandparents had a cottage just East of Matheson.  I have very fond memories of the area. I now visit the area often (as I have a cottage there).  I love the area (jack pines and beach sand everywhere)and when I go to the cottage I feel like I am going home. 

When I drive up on weekends, I know I am getting close to home when I see the old asbestos mine. 

It is a great place to be - great dirt roads for 4 wheeling or dirt biking, fishing, hiking or just driving the old roads to see where they go.

Truly a great place!

datetime: 20100321T002801
name: Wendy
location: Chelmsford

I have been searching for an old school chum from Matheson.Her name was Janice Pettigrew.If any one knows of her where abouts I would greatly appreciate it.

datetime: 20100407T020706
name: Libby Ginn
location: Sudbury

Wendy, I remember Janice Pettigrew but I'm afraid I don't know where she might be now. I will ask my parents. Maybe they'll know where the Pettigrews moved after Matheson.

datetime: 20100517T215358
name: david lawrence
 location: toronto

Hi Libby Ginn - I remember you and the Pettigrews too

datetime: 20100707T125354
name: Eric Vehkalahti
location: Matheson

Matheson is having its 100th birthday in July 2012.  We are looking information for the event.  Janice pettigrew's parents live in North Bay and I am sure will be able to help you

datetime: 20100807T043935
name: Lorna Judd
location: Whitecourt, AB

Our family lived in matheson area until John\'s Manville closed down, approx. 1966 that was where my father worked. I still have my aunt up there.

datetime: 20100826T003715
name: Dan O'Connor
 location: sudbury

I heard there's some kind of happening in Matheson in 2012.  That would be 100 years as in 1962 we celebrated 50 years.  That was a party!!!
The parade was so big and had so many people in it, there was no one left to watch it so the OPP brought in people off the highway

datetime: 20100907T143054
name: Dannah
 location: matheson

stuck in school for about six more hours mann im bored

datetime: 20101013T193337

name: Dan O\'Connor

location: Sudbury


You better stick it out in school Dannah.  Maybe even pay better attention in english classes.


Eric Vehkalahti

Is there any update onthe Matheson re-union? I want to be there if I know when it is.


datetime: 20101026T145331

name: Libby Ginn


location: Sudbury


Does anyone here know who won the Black River Matheson mayoral election yesterday (Oct 25, 2010). I'm curious but am finding it hard to uncover small northern community election results. Thanks.


datetime: 20101107T172858

name: susan


location: matheson


elections on the 25th went as follows: mike milinkovich 365 votes,joanne barber 343 votes and diane pearson 309 votes for the mayorial position (numbers are close to those anyway; there was only 22 separating mike and joanne.


datetime: 20101111T135433

name: John Harper


location: Stony Plain


Anyone have any information on Matheson 100th or a web site address..I think this will be a very big event as people from the other towns will be coming to reunite also i.e. Holtyre. Hope all goes well in your planning and organizing this event...


datetime: 20101122T025318

name: Libby


location: Sudbury


Thanks for the election results, Susan. That was a close race for mayor.

datetime: 20101229T185540

name: sheila macleod


location: Matheson


Hi Libby Ginn.  I am Janice Pettigrews sister.  I am in the Matheson phone book and can give you her information.

datetime: 20101231T231535

name: Jan Pettigrew


location: Kingston


Hi Wendy (also Libby, David & Eric). Sheila told me about the Matheson site/inquiry.  Wendy ... my e-mail address is jan.pettigrew@kos.net.  Hope all is well with you / would be happy to hear from you.  Jan.  

datetime: 20110120T004111

name: Dan O'Connor



I drove past Matheson on my way to Quebec last month.  It looks like something out of the Appalachian mountains.  I saw a taxi driver that looked like he belonged behind a team of cheap mules.

What has happened to my home town?


datetime: 20110212T154915

name: sandra/rene hebert

location: napanee on


hi to everyone from the north... a message to dan o'connor... maybe you should have stopped in matheson on your way to quebec and had a friendly visit on the street with people who will talk to you whether you know them personally or not... or shopped in one of the stores where they carry almost anything you need... if they don't have it they'll order it for you... we've been returning regularly for over 50 years and always look forward to our next visit... we think you owe an apology to the town and especially to the taxi driver who may have to pick you up some day... rene/sandra hebert...

datetime: 20110220T040004

name: Dan O'Connor

location: Sudbury



I spent a few summers working at JM where Rene was a hero to us students.

If those who didn't leave when we did can get a 100th Anniversary party going in 2012, maybe we'll meet

datetime: 20110312T155207

name: Tony Morrow


location: Ottawa


Hello to everyone in Matheson !

I purchased some hunting property in 2009 and met many people in and out of town. All that I met where friendly and of great help.

Love your town and all the people in it, if it wasn't for your snow and cold winters I would think about living there!

I am building a hunt camp there and plan to spend a great amount of time there in the spring, summer and fall.

A big hello to Surge & Edna Labelle, also thier son and Daughter in law. GREAT PEOPLE !

See you in May 2011.


datetime: 20110415T035832

name: Don Cudmore


location: Kelowna BC


Before they dammed the black river was there not a mine  near the rock bluff accross from Moores house. Two brothers drowned there back in th elate 50's or early 60's and I can remember people saying that the bodies might end up in the old mine shaft.. There is another old mine up  at the end of Marlyn Rd. Back about half way to the highway along the power line, right side. I used to play around up in that area, seen it many times, there was a cover over that shaft.And Dan O'Conner..what relation are you to Ken and Clifford??

 The party in 2012 should be a good one. If the sidewalks have not been changed since then there is a mark near the front of the old Bermont made by Harry Macdougal when we finished pouring that section of the sidewalk.


datetime: 20110505T205702

name: robert wray


location: barkersville ontario


I can not read home page text because of the colours used, black background and text colours.


datetime: 20110508T212516

name: Roger Armstrong


location: Leduc Alberta


Hi All,

My family use to live1.25 miles south on Hyway 11. We moved west in 1968. Are the Clarke boys still around?Ozzy Sullivan,Rob Bender, the Malbeoufs still around? These are some of the names I remember from when I was a young boy living there.



datetime: 20110513T201045

name: Philip Adams

location: Ottawa Ont.


Is there a reunion site?


I was born and grew up in Matheson.  Left 1n 1957 to attend Queens U.Thinking of attending

datetime: 20110530T021936

name: dan o'connor

location: Halliburton


Hey Biz Adams...I don't recall you ever coming back to Matheson after you graduated


datetime: 20110626T012436

name: Nicole Saumur (Roussy)


location: Burnstown, ON


I stumbled across this site and it was a blast from the past.  My father (Ivan Saumur)was the Town Clerk from 1957 to 1972 and our family lived on Popular Road (right across from the town office).  Some of my friends were Emily Tremblay, Karen Whalen and Sheila Pettigrew (MacLeod).  Sheila, I understand you are back in Matheson...if you see this post drop me an email (nroussy26@hotmail.com). 

datetime: 20110711T225549

name: Monica Toth

location: Barrie


Spent 2 years, grades 1&2 living in Matheson, what great memories. We lived in the base area. I still remember building a huge ice sculptor of a walrus in front of the kindergarten area. Was in the same class as John Sebela, Suzanne Moore, they also lived in the base housing. I believe my teachers name was Mrs Hilderberg? No other teacher has ever been greater than her! Haven't been back in years, but plan to visit again one day. What a great safe place to grow up!!

datetime: 20110730T211937

name: Jan


location: Kingston, Ontario


Eric - if you\\\'re looking for an excellent \\\"Canadian\\\" to take part in Matheson\\\'s 100th \\\"street dance\\\" ... Valdy.  Truly a \\\"Canadian soul\\\".  \\\"May\\\" need \\\"new/young\\\" to go with him ... but ... worth looking into.  If he\\\'s coming ... pls post.  J.

datetime: 20110829T020231

name: dan o'connor

location: Coniston


This 100th anniversary sure looks like it'll be the biggest social event in Matheson since 1962 if you don't count the demolition of the Stanley.


datetime: 20111022T212151

name: Barb Cornthwaite




This is a great webpage, with lots of good information. I'm researching for a play I'm writing which will be performed in March 2011 celebrating the 100th of the area.  Unfortunately, I had to copy it and paste info elsewhere before I could read it.  Please, please, change the background from black. 

datetime: 20111022T235348

name: dan o'connor

location: Capreol


Wow....no rooms available!

She's gonna be a big party youse guys.

Bet they'll have a chug a lug contest and ever'thing


datetime: 20111128T005635

name: Vivian Rossman


location: Toronro


Dear people of Matheson.  My father, Dr. jack Rossman worked in the red Cross Hospital in Matheson during World Ward 2.  My mother's family was from Timmins.  My father died in 1957 when I was very young.  I am trying to find out more about him.  If anyone remembers him or has any stories about him  please, please contact me.  Thanks.  Vivian Rossman

datetime: 20120221T001627

name: Ken Burns


location: Matheson


Don Cudmore.... you mentioned an old mine shaft past marlyn Ave. We lived ao the hill on Poplar Rd. and played in that area many times but were unaware of the shaft. Do you have a sister named Karen? .....Monica Toth, I believe your grade one teachers name was Hilda Craig. She passed away recently.


datetime: 20120229T231957

name: Bob Dennis


location: Matheson


To Vivian Rossman - I am on the 100th Committee and I am trying to compile a list and pictures of doctors when served in Matheson for a display.  I was glad to see your message as he was not on the list.

Do you have any other information such as when he practiced here and maybe a picture.

Would appreciate anyone else contributing to this effort on the doctors who practiced in Matheson.

email information to  rpd@nt.net.


datetime: 20120316T045144

name: Bill Harper




To Bob Dennis- I don't know what doctors you have on your list, there was a doctor Outread (may be misspelled) that was living in Matheson in the mid forty's. He use to live on the same street as the School, can't remember were he moved to but they had 2 girls about the same age as me and my brother 3&4, we use-to live next door to them and they moved before we moved to Holtyre in 47 or 48


datetime: 20120415T183156

name: Don Cudmore

location: Kelowna


Ken Burns: Yes Ken, I remember you and yes Karen is my sister, she is in Langely BC. the old mine shaft/well or whatever it was had a white cover over it, about 8 feet across.It was  just off the hydro rightofway on the dump side.Seems no one has seen that except Brian Draves and I as usually that is who I would have been with at the time.Also use to hunt  in that area, go back up in behind the dump.

datetime: 20120527T003351

name: Bob Burns


location: Matheson Ont


You guessed it, i am back in Matheson after being gone some 47 years. After reading some  those comments posted got me to thinking about how Matheson wasn\"t such a bad town to grow up in. I can still remember playing hockey in the outdoor rink, at nine O\'clock at night at 40-50 below zero.I played for Alarie Esso and it did not matter whether we won or lost, Johnny Alarie our coach would give each player 25 cents and a piece of wrigglys chewing gum.  Then my brother Ken and I would head for home up on poplar st up on the hill but not before stopping at Eddies shell as we used to call it to spend \"my\" 25 cents. Back then we could buy 2 bottles of coke with money left over to buy candy the next day. Ken was my greatest fan, but whether it was for my stickhandling ability or my 25 cents, to this day I still don\'t know. Ihope to see many of our old school buddys this summer.       Bob


datetime: 20120604T112929

name: Gladys (Barnes) Wiggins


location: Elliot Lake, Ontario


I lived on 6th Avenue,and attended elementary school and Iroquois Falls High School until 1957. I have many good memories of playing girls' hockey on the outdoor rink and street hockey (using horse pucks!)


datetime: 20120620T151923

name: John Harper


location: stony plain


just wondering how the plans are coming along for the 100th.Looking forward to seeing people I still know from Matheson..

datetime: 20120807T190041

name: Darren Graham


location: Toronto


Lived in Matheson until grade 8, then to KL for highschool. Father lived on Blueberry Lake for 30 some yrs. I remember good times, Kevin McChristie, Barry and Denise Silf, Michael (sorry forget last name) Remember hockey practises on outdoor rink because steel building was colder LOL. Debra, Cathy, Janice where are you?